Fothergilla gardenii- The Best Dwarf Fothergilla Shrub Varieties

Fothergilla gardenii, Dwarf fothergilla, is a deciduous flowering shrub that comes in many varieties. Find the best dwarf fothergilla varieties to grow in your yard or garden. You will also find Fothergilla gardenii facts and information on varieties, growing conditions, and uses. It is important to choose the best shrub for your landscape.

"Fothergilla gardenii"

White blooms of Fothergilla gardenii

Dwarf Fothergilla Facts and Information

Dwarf fothergilla is a multi-stemmed flowering shrub belonging to the witch hazel family (Hamamelidaceae). Fothergilla gardenii produces creamy white flowers in spring and handsome leaves in summer and fall. It is fairly compact and spreading but easy to prune and control if that’s your wish. What more can you ask of a hardworking landscape shrub?

The alternate, simple leaves are blue-green to dark green, changing to glowing orange, yellow, and red in fall. Depending upon the weather, fall color of the species may vary from year to year. Cultivars of Fothergilla major often shows better fall color in warmer climates (Zones 7 and 8). Grayish brown bark and flexible stems dotted with lenticels. The bark is not showy at all. The white, 2”, faintly honey-scented bottlebrush blooms appear in spring before leaves. Fruits are not ornamental.

"Dwarf Fothergilla'

Dwarf fothergilla turning colors

Size: Dwarf fothergilla grows 3’-6’ h x 3’ −4’w.

Hardiness Zones: Zones 5-8.

Light: Full sun to partial shade.

Soil: Moist, well-drained, acid soils.

Growing: Easy to maintain. New shoot at the base keep it from looking leggy. My massed fothergilla formed a thicket that grew so tall it blocked a view of beautiful birch trunks. Last year I thinned the shrubs, cutting out tall stems, and this year they look better than ever.

Landscape Uses: Masses, groups, singly as an accent, a shrub border, or in high foundation plantings.

Fothergilla gardenii Varieties:

Fothergilla gardenii ‘Applachia’ is short and suckering, good, low, shrubby groundcover. 2’h x 4’w.

Fothergilla gardenii ‘Blue Mist’ is small and less thickly stemmed than the species. Lacks fall color that other varieties has. Summer color is a grayish blue=green. 3’h and w.

Fothergilla gardenii ‘Mount Airy’ suckering cultivar with consistently outstanding red, yellow, and orange fall color and deep blue-green summer leaves. Performs well in both cold and warm climates. 6’h x 6-8’ w.

Fothergilla gardenii ‘Major’ is an excellent, large, rounded shrub with outstanding fall color and abundant, white bottelbrush flowers in spring. 8’h x 10’ w.

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