Fountains and Cascades in the Landscape

Moving water adds greatly to the attractiveness of any landscape and is an essential to the water garden. The small informal pool can be transformed into a delightful water feature. Some gardens will already have a canopy gazebo or a park bench in their landscape, but feel they need bring an added water feature into the garden. Water brings a completely new element into the garden and allows for the introduction of many water-loving plants.

If electricity is available, fountains, cascades, and the rest are best operated by small electrically operated pumps. The pump may either be installed close to the pool, which is the best method if a large volume of water is to be used. It may actually be submerged. You can purchase special pumps in which all the electrical parts are watertight.

Fountain head with spray pattern

These are known as submersible pumps. Make sure you check the specifications of the pump to make sure it is submersible, as water will conduct electricity and could cause electrocution. No matter which of the two pumps you choose,  submergible or regular, the water will be circulated from the pool and a return flow back to the pump.

Evaporation will occur and your water level will go down, especially in warm or hot areas. When this happens you will need to add water to your pool if there is not a sufficient amount of rain to raise the water level. The less water you have to add, the better it will be for your fish, as well as your plants.Fountain heads are found at lawn and garden stores or hardware stores. Fountain heads can be found to give off different types of water patterns. This type of  fountain is often combined with ornaments or statues to give a special effect.

Cascade flowing naturally over rocks

Cascades can be lined with concrete or with plastic or rubber sheets as are some pools. Fiberglass cascades can be obtained in sections are as a solid piece. You will need to install them so that they appear to be natural. Care should be made to ensure that none of the plastic materials are showing. Your best results will be obtained by forming cascades of large rocks embedded in concrete. Again, make sure no concrete is showing.

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