Garden Bench Materials

When choosing a garden bench you should choose the best materials for your particular landscape, especially with it being outside. Garden benches are made of wood or a combination of materials. The article Backyard Benches has a list of  the common types of wood used for outdoor wooden benches, as well as benches garden types.

While wooden benches are the most popular, there are still more options to choose from.  I  have listed several  options, so that you can make a wise decision on a bench garden style, for your yard and garden decor that you are looking for.

Wood and Cast Iron Bench

Another type would be a combination of wood and cast iron.  A wood and cast iron bench produces a great look in both style, design, and comfort. A cast iron frame offers the portability that is sometimes needed when providing seating and comfort outdoors.

While it may be a little heavier than a simple wooden bench, it does allow you to buy one that has more of the functionality that you are looking for. Most of the cast iron frames come in the most popular  colors: green, black, and white.

These benches have slots to hold the slats in place instead of the typical carriage bolts or screws. The frame feet also has holes so that you can secure the bench to an existing surface to help stabilize it throughout all kinds of weather conditions. The wood varies, but does come with Southern yellow pine that has been pressure treated to help preserve the wood for outdoor use. These also have a one year warranty on them.

Fiberglass Garden Bench

Fiberglass is a material that offers endless colors and shapes. The styling ranges from simple designs to elaborate preforms that have a personality of their own. The fiberglass garden bench is a formed bench. It's frame is  cast aluminum with a powder coated finish. It weighs approximately 80 pounds and comes with 10 fiberglass rails, zinc-plated carriage bolts, and steel zinc plated nuts. Most are around 60 inches long with a depth of around 16 inches. This kind also comes in varied colors.

Here is an example of a totally different type of fiberglass bench.

If you are looking for color and pizazz....Here you go!

Contemporary Styling  from Fiberglass

Concrete Bench

Another garden bench material is concrete.  It is a preformed bench if its bought in a store. If the bench is ordered it is considered a "made-to-order" product and usually non-refundable. There are color choices available as well as the choice of a polished smooth finish. An extra charge is usually applied to the special polished surface.

One advantage to the concrete bench is that you can get one with engravings or designs. The concrete bench that measures around 90 inches, usually weighs around 500 pounds and has a 1 year warranty. Remember, concrete can be very strong, but at the same time is vulnerable to heavy blunt blows causing chipping or cracking.  While this bench may be ideal for some, you might also consider the wooden bench or park bench. Always consider where you will be placing the concrete bench in your yard when making your decision.

Concrete Bench

Great for engraved surfaces!

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