Garden Lighting- Effective Outdoor Lighting Made Easy

Garden lighting is a great type of outdoor lighting to add to your yard and garden landscape. You will find that outdoor lighting is very easy to install and is very effective at giving you the illumination that you are looking for.  As outdoor entertaining and outdoor activities have become more popular, so has the need for many types of outdoor garden lights. By installing exterior house lighting, you will be able to enjoy the great outdoors and your beautiful landscape after the sun goes down.

"Garden Lighting"

Garden Lighting Ideas

The homeowner will find that there are many options of lighting types, materials, styles, and colors to choose from. Choosing the right type of garden lights for your landscape should be decided at the onset. Here is a list of many of the most popular types of outdoor garden lighting available.

Low-voltage garden lighting has been the most widely used type of lighting. It requires less electricity than the types of lights you have in your home. Low voltage lights are safer to use as they have a shock free mechanism that is safer to use around children and animals. Low-voltage lights are wired through a power pack under ground. One feature that is a plus for this type of lighting, is that you can have them on a control where they can be turned off and on as you like. Knowing that your outdoor lights will be turning on at a specific time gives you the security system that may ward off any intruders.

Solar garden lights are also a good choice in your landscape. They are maintenance free and require no electrical hook ups of any sort. They collect energy from the sun during the day time and produce light after the sun sets. This type of lighting is not as bright as other types of light, but they do produce a soft illumination that is very appealing.

"Outdoor Garden Lights"

An Inside View of Garden Lights

Outdoor garden lighting refers to any type of outdoor  yard lighting that is placed around your yard and garden. The placement of the lights are your choice. There are some areas that are commonly lit to produce the best lighting effects.

Use garden lighting to focus attention on a garden structure, such as, a gazebo, an arbor, pergola, or even alongside a park bench.

Pathways are one place where lights do a great job. These are put in place for safety reasons to keep the pathway illuminated. This is especially good if you have a garden feature, such as a canopy gazebo sets out a distance in your yard.

"Garden Lights along steps"

Add Garden Lights along Steps

Step lighting is a must also. If you have a patio or deck that has sets of steps or a landing area, then you definitely need to have some type of outdoor deck lighting. Solar lights are a good choice here since you may only need soft lighting to be able to see the steps instead of a bright harsh type of lighting.

Outside Garden Lighting for Trees, and Water Features

Uplighting or downlighting trees and shrubs is a great way to accent a individual tree or a group of shrubs. This can serve as a focal point in your night landscape. You can place lights on the ground and shine down into the area( Uplighting), or place them into the tree and have the light shining down (Downlighting).

Water features, such as ponds, pools, and cascading water falls, or fountains can also be accented with special lights that made to use with aquatic features (using water). This type of garden lighting is usually submergible and goes below the water or it is alongside and out of the water.

"Uplighting Pool side Trees"

Uplighting Pool side Trees

Putting in your own outdoor garden lighting is quick and easy to do yourself. Many lighting systems are available in kits that will come with detailed instructions to help the installation go smoothly and safely.

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