Garden Lights: Choosing Solar Garden Lights

Are you the kind of gardener who wants your yard to stand out because of its beauty? If so, you can accomplish this by planning your landscape to include garden lights that will accent special features or structures such as a canopy gazebo, arbor, pergola, or even a park bench.

Garden lighting, as well as, any type of outdoor yard lighting takes into consideration many different types of lighting. Each type of lighting has many options for you to choose from.

Using Garden Lights to Highlight Features

Using Garden Lights to Highlight Features

The most common types of lights and ones that are very popular are the solar garden lights. This type of lighting is very efficient and cost free after your initial purchase of them.

The sunlight is collected in the solar cells to produce light when the sun goes down. The larger the solar cell, the more the output of light will be.

This type of garden lighting may include solar spot lights, solar lamp posts, or solar novelty products that have the light embedded within a whimsical design. You can choose from so many neat designs that will go with your yard and garden design.

You can use garden lights as accent lighting to illuminate a tree or a group of shrubs. The light can be placed in different positions to give off a specific kind of lighting effect.

Solar garden lights are very reasonably priced and can be found at most garden centers or home improvement stores. They are also very easy to install since there is no wiring involved with this type of garden lighting.

"Solar Garden Lights"

Solar Garden Lights

It is a good idea to sit on your patio, or in your gazebo to see where you would like to place the lights so that you will get the effect you want.

*Tip- Remember that solar lights will not be as bright as other types of lighting. The advantage to solar garden lights is that they are maintenance free. Try to buy quality materials as they will last much longer and will not need to be replaced as often as cheaper varieties.

*Tip- Be careful not to place your lights too close together, the runway light effect is not appealing. Carefully plan the placement of your outdoor lights so that they look natural.

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