Garden Love Seats- Making the Right Choice

Garden love seats are the perfect choice for outdoor furniture and outdoor comfort. A garden love seat is a type of bench that can add to the overall design of your patio or deck. You have many options available to you as a consumer, so be sure to make the right choice for your outdoor setting.

"Garden Love Seats"

Unique teak garden love seat

Before purchasing a love seat, decide on what your purpose of buying it is, and where you are going to place it outdoors. While deciding if you will be using your love seat often, you will need to make sure that the materials will be able to withstand the wear that your seat will be getting. You should choose a sturdy material, if this is your situation. However, if you do not plan on using your love seat very much, then you will be able to choose something that looks great but might not withstand a tremendous amount of use. This is the case with some of the more elegant padded love seats.

Types of Garden Love Seat Materials- There are several types of materials to choose from. Here are some facts and information on garden love seat materials.

Wood Garden Love Seats

Wood is always a popular choice for furniture. Be sure that you get a type of wood that does well out in the weather. Some woods such as, shorea hardwood, teak, and white and red cedar are always good outdoor types of wood. Other woods that are used should be treated or have a sealed finish to protect it while outdoors. These styles range from formal to informal and rustic types. Wood love seats will last longer if you have them under a covered patio or deck.

"Poly-wood Garden Love Seats"

Poly-wood garden love seat

Plastic Garden Love Seats

Plastic love seats will be the least expensive of all the types of materials that you can buy. Plastic also has another advantage in that it can withstand rain and snow with no damage being done to the love seat. They come in many colors and will give you the option of matching, contrasting, or accenting any other color schemes that you have going on your patio or landscape. Not only can you get the plastic in a color, but you can purchase love seat accessories such as, colorful cushions and pillows to really reve up the look of your love seat. *Poly-wood is an exception in this category. Poly-wood is a type of material that is maintenance free and will last endlessly.

Metal Garden Love Seats

You can also find love seats made of tubular metal frames. This type of material is very sturdy and will last a long time. They are also a little heavier than the plastic making it a better buy for homeowners that live in windy areas.

"Cast Iron Aluminum Garden Love Seat"

Cast Iron Aluminum Garden Love Seat

Aluminum Garden Love Seats

There are some very nice looking cast aluminum garden love seats available. They are fairly lightweight and come with a cushioned seat. One advantage of this type is that you can get love seats with nice intricate designs on the back and sides. Cast aluminum goes well with many other types of patio furniture.

Wrought Iron Garden Love Seats

Wrought iron is also popular and will last a long time. It is the heaviest of all the types of love seats. Wrought will rust if it gets a chip or cut on the surface, but it can be easily fixed by using an anti-rust spray paint on it. Wrought iron is also more expensive than other types and heavy to move around.

"Wicker Garden Love Seats"

Wicker Garden Love Seat

Wicker Garden Love Seats

Some homeowners prefer wicker furniture because it is lightweight and can be moved very easily around your patio or deck area. Wicker comes mostly in white and brown. This type of furniture looks very good and can be accented with colorful pillows and cushions to really make a stylish design.

If you already own a love seat, you may be in need of new Garden love seat cushions or Garden love seat covers to put over your existing furniture.

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