Garden Stakes- What Type of Garden Stakes are Available?

Garden stakes come in many different types and materials and can be used in many different ways. Find facts and information on types of garden stakes, garden stake materials, and uses of garden stakes for your yard and garden decor.

"Garden Stakes"

Ceramic garden stakes

Garden Stake Uses

Garden stakes are commonly used in flower beds, shrub borders, herb gardens, rock gardens, to showcase specimen plants, or in patio planters, or alongside walkways, or in vegetable gardens as markers or labels.

Garden Stake Materials

You will find a variety of materials to choose from. They range from common plastic, wooden garden stakes, metal garden stakes, ceramic, bamboo, porcelain, resin, and mixed materials. Copper garden stakes may take the form of insects and objects. Copper is a popular material for stakes and garden decorations.

"Copper garden stakes"

Copper garden stake

Types of Garden Stakes

Decorative garden stakes are often used as outdoor garden decorations by themselves. They are very popular and the range is almost endless in both colors and objects that can be depicted. They may take the form of labels, tags, markers, or stakes, or garden art.

"Solar Garden Stakes"

Solar garden stake

You may be interested in the following garden creations: garden domes, finials, frogs, gargoyles, globes, figures, flamingos, mirrors, pinwheels, spinners, stands, sundials, sticks, statues, and ornaments. You will also find colorful and very humorous stakes with funny quotes on them.

The night garden or solar garden can come alive with many of the solar products such as, solar garden stakes, solar garden decor, solar gazing ball, solar chimes, solar angels, and bees.

Rustic garden art has become very popular and comes in many sizes. You can purchase garden stakes that are both functional and whimsical in nature. They come in forms of flowers and animals to make a garden come alive as you walk through along paths and walkways.

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