Garden Tool Storage- Ways to Store Gardening Tools

Garden tool storage has always seemed to be a problem for homeowners who are looking for ways to store their gardening tools. You will find many devices, racks, shelves, hooks, carts, and benches that will help you get your garden tools organized.

It is inevitable that homeowners will purchase many different types of garden tools. Sometimes we get spring fever and head off to the garden center and come back with tools and equipment that we don’t have room for. Finding an easy, convenient way to store these items can become a bit of a problem. The perfect solution is to get tools organized where you can quickly locate them the next time you need them. We refer to these as garden tool organizers.

"Garden Tool Organizers"

Wall Organizers for Small garden tools

Assess Your Garden Tools

The first thing you should do is to gather up all of your garden tools and equipment to see what you actually have. Sometimes it is easy to put tools away without seeing them for a while, and then realize you may already have that particular tool. This is the prime reason why you need to get your tools organized. Once you get you take a survey of your tools, you will need to group them into categories. For instance, start placing all of your hand tools in one stack, and your larger tools into another stack. Small items that you use regularly in the yard should be placed into another small pile or bowl.

Larger equipment like weed eaters, shovels, rakes,and hoes can be piled up together too. You will most likely already have several garden hoses that you use. You may or may not have a designated place for them either. If not, place them together as well.

Let’s Get Organized

Now, if you did this correctly, you will have many piles of different sized tools and types of equipment to get organized. Your next question may be, where are you going to put them? Here are your options:

Storage Sheds- Having a shed for garden equipment is the ideal place to keep your tools and equipment stored. If you have a shed you are most likely already using it to store your equipment. This is where most people store their lawn mower, tillers, and garden cart or wheel barrow.

"Storage Shed"

Outdoor Storage Sheds

Some homeowners, especially those that have a limited space indoors, may think about purchasing a storage shed. A storage shed can be placed out in a corner of the yard out of the way or behind the house out of direct sight. Most of your equipment can be stored effectively into the shed, especially all of your tools with handles on them.

Moving Tools Indoors

If you don’t have a storage shed, then we need to think about using indoor spaces for storage. The most logical place is the garage area. Some homeowners have already utilized their garage for any number of purposes. A countertop can be built along one side of the wall, if space is available.

You can use the counter area for small bins or small drawer carts for small items. These can be conveniently stacked on top of each other to save space. Be sure to label what is in each container so you will not have to dig into each one to find out what’s there. This will defeat your purpose.

"Garden Tool Hooks"

Specialized Hooks for Garage Storage and Organization

Some people like to hang up panels or peg boards so they can put up hooks to hang various items on. These are usually easy to see, since the tools are out in the open. You can also place larger carts underneath the counter area for added storage.

Large garden tools such as, rakes, hoes, shovels, and any other type of equipment that has a handle, can be place in a purchased garden tool organizer that will allow you to stand your tools upright into the organizer. Some of these have convenient rollers so that it can be moved from place to place.

You may choose to have a wall mounted type of organizer that has been mounted to a wall. This allows for a more sturdy mounting that will be able to hold heavier tools. This may be in the form of a hook, or rack. Some hooks are made specifically for certain items, such as a weed eater hook for a heavy weed eater.

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