Garden Tools: Tools of the Trade

Garden tools are an essential arsenal that you will need to build up as you progress in your gardening adventures. As you decide to do more DIY projects around your yard, you will need to make sure that you have the essential tools for doing the job the right way. These tools may be comprised of planting supplies, garden tools, and power equipment. There are some tools that are, more or less, standard tools to do everyday jobs around the yard, while others are more specialized for particular jobs.

When you invest in equipment or tools, be sure to make wise choices when deciding on what to purchase. If it is a large item, I would suggest that you look up some information or talk to a specialist to help you. Often times, a hardware store or supply store will have clientele that can assist in this area.

You want sturdy, long-lasting tools, so get a handle on them before purchasing. Check grips for comfort, and be sure that the tool size is comfortable for you. For the tools that you will use most often, like spades, shovels, and trowels, buy the highest quality you can afford. A good garden spade may last twenty to thirty years.

garden tool organizer

Garden tools nicely organized

You may also want to invest in a good garden tool organizer. They can be placed in a garage or tool shed to help organize and store all of your equipment and tools.

When purchasing power equipment for lawn maintenance (mowers, edgers, trimmers), buy from an authorized dealer who will help you choose the correct machine for your application, and also service the equipment and supply extra parts.

Here are some categories with the garden tools you will need:

Gardening Basics: Spade, hoe, garden trowel, garden or bow rake, garden hose, plant stakes, spading or garden fork,

garden tools

Small garden tools

bypass pruner, and a anvil pruner.

Gardening Extras: Power tiller, Cultivator

Lawn and Landscaping Basics: Lawn mower (walk behind or riding mower), trimmer, edger,hedge shears, wheelbarrow, shovel, leaf rake, loppers, pruning saw, and sprinkler.

Lawn and Landscaping Extras: String trimmer, power edger, handheld blower, drop or rotary spreader, hand pump sprayer, hand maul, line level, and hand tamp.

Carpentry Basics: Hammer, power drill, screwdriver, level, tape measure, carpenter’s square, circular saw, and an adjustable wrench.

Tool that should be rented: jackhammer, power auger, plate compactor, reciprocating saw, chipper, and a pressure washer.

Planting Supplies: Gardener’s gloves, kneeler, garden trowel, spading or garden fork, spade, watering can, measuring tape.

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