Gazebo Covers for Gazebos

A gazebo cover, or gazebo canopy, is the top portion of a gazebo and the part that most often needs replacing. It is usually made of a rain repellent material that can be replaced. The most frustrating thing that happens to a gazebo is that the cover wears out very easily. Don’t be discouraged, because a gazebo canopy cover can be replaced very easily, as well as other parts of your gazebo that becomes damaged, worn out, or faded. Here is some valuable information that you can use, whether you are wanting an exact match, a universal, or a custom made gazebo cover.

Gazebo Cover

Knowing the brand of your canvas gazebo will help tremendously when you get ready to purchase a new one. You can find replacement covers for most gazebos. It is certainly worth buying a new cover, rather than discarding a perfectly good gazebo. Gazebo covers replacement parts are easy to locate and easy to install.

Many times you may find that your particular gazebo may have been discontinued by a company. If you prefer to get an exact duplicate to the cover you had, you could try to contact the company to see if they might still carry extra covers that they may have left in their inventory. If you find that you cannot find an exact match, rest assured that you can find one that will fit your gazebo. In many cases, people find one that they like even better than the original one that had. If you are getting a new one, you will have the option of upgrading your gazebo cover to one that will last longer and be more durable than before. You can also purchase custom made covers and choose a color that might suit you better than your original one.

Gazebo Covers in Custom Colors

Sizes of Gazebo Covers

You need to measure your canopy gazebo to get the correct measurements. If you have the old one you can use that to measure. Most gazebos will come in sizes: 8x8’,9x9’,10x10’,10x12’,10x20’,or 12x12’. There are what is known as, universal gazebo cover, which fits a particular size and not a specific brand of gazebo. If it has velcro attached to the edges that will help secure it for a tighter fit. You will also be able to purchase covers for the tiered gazebos. Some have a small single tier and some have double tiers. You will need to know the exact measurements on these so that you can make sure that they fit properly.

*Tip-My first gazebo cover was made of a cloth material, not really even a type of canvas. I searched around and found one that is a better grade, and hopefully it will last much longer than the original one that came with my gazebo. So, think about looking for a better quality gazebo cover if you are able to.

You can also purchase mosquito netting and other accessories online when they need replacing. Once you have your gazebo in place, all you will need to do is to take care of it properly, and make sure you take down some of the vulnerable parts of it down when winter sets in. If you live in an area where you get a lot of wind or heavy snow storms, it is worth taking down. I did not do that, and mine got damaged very badly by a couple of severe wind storms.

Gazebo replacement covers can be found online or at a leading retailer that carries a specific brand of gazebo, or carries the universal gazebo covers. Check out all the information you can and then decide on which option is the best one for you.

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