Gazebo Shapes and Materials

Gazebos are garden structures that come in various shapes, and are made from various types of materials. They offer a nice shady area that can be utilized for many purposes. There are many types of gazebos. They may be referred to by many names such as: canvas gazebo, canopy gazebo, green gazebo, screen gazebo, shade gazebo, pop up gazebo, and garden gazebos, just to mention a few. Each type has its own characteristics and comes in standard sizes. I would like to present to you some of the many shapes that gazebos come in, and some of the varying materials from which they are made.

What materials are gazebos made of?

Gazebos, as already mentioned, can be referred to by many different names. The most popular materials for all types is wood. Wooden gazebo can be made of, white and red cedar, treated pine, or some in teak. Other materials such as vinyl and wrought iron are also used for some types of gazebos. White cedar, a northern white variety, and red cedar, usually a western red cedar, are the most common type of woods for outdoor gazebos. Treated pine is also available.

The variety is usually southern yellow pine that has been pressure treated to withstand the elements. Vinyl is one of the most durable materials sometimes coming with a limited life time warranty. Wrought Iron gazebos comes with many decorative patterns and is usually more open than other types of gazebos.

If they are not wooden, with shingles or shakes, they will most likely be made of a canvas material. This type is a canopy gazebo, or canvas gazebo style. Gazebos come with various types of canopy tops. Gazebo covers and replacement covers for these types of gazebos can be ordered very easily, either online or at specialty stores that carry gazebo covers in stock. They come in many colors, you can get white, navy, maroon, beige, or even a green gazebo cover. If  you have to order a replacement cover you might decide that you would rather try out a different color other than white for your second time around.

Pop up gazebo also falls into this category of gazebos. They are very popular and get their name from the ability to be popped up very easily, and by also being a portable gazebo. A pop up also has a canvas top and is great for any type of outdoor activities, from camping to parties, to family reunions.

What shapes do gazebos come in?

Octagon gazebo, oval gazebo, rectangular gazebo

Common Gazebo Shapes

  • The Octagon shape gazebo has eight sides and comes in red or white cedar, vinyl, or treated pine. They may be single or double tiered.
  • The Rectangle and Square shaped gazebo has four sides and comes in red cedar, treated pine, vinyl and wrought iron.
  • The Oval gazebo comes in treated pine, vinyl, red cedar and white cedar.
  • The Do-decagon gazebo is usually a much larger gazebo with 12 sides. It comes in red cedar, vinyl and treated pine.
  • A Hexagon or hexagonal gazebo has six sides and comes in vinyl and wrought iron or wood, usually cedar.
  • An Elongated hexagon gazebo also has six sides, but two sides, usually the length, is longer and not equal to the other sides. Most of these I have found are made of vinyl. These start as small as 8x12'and go up to a 14x20ft.

The elongated gazebo will be more of an investment with the larger sizes. They are  gorgeous structures with special features such as columns, or a cupola, a dome structure on the top of the roof.

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