Gazebo Tents- Buying Options and Choices

Gazebo tents come with many buying options and choices available. Gazebo tents may also be referred to as a, pop up gazebo, canopy gazebo, portable gazebo, or party tent. You will find facts and information on gazebo tents, and helpful tips that will be very useful to you when buying a tent. No matter what you choose to call a gazebo tent, it will provide the same options and features that you are looking for in this type of tent.

"Gazebo Tents"

Versatile Gazebo Tent

Benefits and Options of Gazebo Tents

There are many benefits of owning a gazebo tent. The primary reason being that it is portable. You can also put this type of tent or gazebo up very easily and quickly. As a tent, they come with the frame, which is usually a aluminum or metal product, a canopy top made of canvas or vinyl, and side walls, which are the sides of your tent. Some types will come with the pieces separate and others may have more of a tent type of material that goes over the frame. You will find different brands to be a little different, so be sure to read or check out how they are made and put together before you purchase it.

Gazebo Tent Tie downs and Weights

Gazebo tents are usually lightweight, but you can purchase tie downs, or sand bags that are placed around each pole of the frame to add weight to the gazebo. This will help hold it down when winds kick up. I have found from using my canvas gazebo at craft shows, that is better to make your own gazebo weights. All you have to do is to get a bucket and pour cement into it with either a hook or something embedded in the concrete that you can run a rope or bungee cord through to wrap around the each corner of your gazebo.

"Screened Gazebo Tent"

Screened gazebo tent

By making a DIY gazebo weight, you are able to make a tie down that is much stronger than anything you can buy. If you don’t want to do this, you might also choose to use concrete blocks, the type that has two holes through it. Just tie your rope or bungee through the concrete block and around the pole of your frame. I have used all of the methods available, and found these two to be the best. The only drawback is that you have to haul them around with you, but you will appreciate having them when the wind becomes very strong. I have personally seen a tent being uplifted and deposited into another location, and thankfully it was not mine. It is not a good situation to be in, so don’t let it happen to you. You may also choose to buy some weights if you don't have the time or desire to make them.

"Gazebo Tent"

Gazebo party tents come in many colors

Gazebo Tent Sizes and Colors

You will also find that a gazebo tent will come in many sizes. The most popular size is the 10 x 10 ft. gazebo tent. They can be purchased in white, the most common color, or red, blue, green, or beige. Some companies offer even more color options than the more standard colors. Other gazebo party tents may come in larger sizes such as 10 x 15, 10 x 20, 10 x 30, 13 x 26, and some even larger if needed.

Uses of Gazebo Tents

The larger sizes are good for camping trips where you have more than just a few campers, or for outdoor parties where you want some protection from the weather. Many party tents are used as a wedding gazebo for wedding ceremonies, or as a covered wedding reception area. They also work great for graduation parties, birthday parties, family reunions, and craft and trade shows.


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