Growing Threadleaf Coreopsis

Threadleaf Coreopsis is a low-maintenance coreopsis that is a good bloomer and easy to grow.It is a perennial and makes a great addition to your yard and garden. You may find coreopsis sometimes referred to as 'tickseed'. Coreopsis does well in zones 4-9. The threadleaf coreopsis, Coreopsis verticillata, prefers full sun and fertile, well-drained soil with a pH of 5.5-7.0. This plant will tolerant heat and humidity very well. This plant has an upright growth habit that beautifully textured foliage. Its height may reach from 24 to 36”, with a width of 24”.

"Threadleaf Coreopsis"

Bright blooms of threadleaf coreopsis

The threadleaf coreopsis has fine-textured, threadlike foliage that is very attractive throughout the growing season. It has small yellow flowers that appear in early summer and bloom through fall.

Place them in front of your perennial border, or add them to a mixed container planting. They go well with ‘Coronation Gold’ achillea, ‘Goldsturm’ black-eyed Susan, pink coreopsis; ‘stargazer’ lily, and ‘Stafford’, ‘Red Rum’, ‘Scarlet Orbit’, and ‘Red Joy’ daylilies.

Care of Threadleaf Coreopsis

Coreopsis should be planted 18” apart in either spring or fall. You should apply slow-release granular plant food at the time of planting. Then water them deeply whenever the soil becomes dry. Try to let the soil dry out between waterings.

A mulch of 3” should be maintained between in summer and winter. You may need to reapply mulch periodically to maintain your 3” mulch layer. The flowers on the threadleaf will not need any deadheading. You should leave the plants standing throughout the fall, at least until the frost collapses them down. At this time, you should cut them back. Your plants will sometimes appear a little slow to appear in the spring.

Propagation of Threadleaf Coreopsis

Coreopsis can be divided in spring or in the fall. Use a sharp spade to slice through the root system during division. Did around the root clump and then lift it up to dislodge roots. Reset the portions that appear healthy and contain healthy top shoots.

Pests usually leave this plant alone when the cultural needs of the plant are met. However, you may have some problems with rabbits.

"Coreopsis American Dream"

C. rosea 'American Dream'

Related Species of Threadleaf Coreopsis

C. Verticillata ‘Zagreb’ has golden-yellow flowers. ‘Moonbeam’, a superior cultivar, grows 18” high and wide and has threadleaf foliage and pale yellow blooms from summer through autumn. Pink coreopsis (C. rosea 'American Dream') has pink blooms on and off all summer into fall, along with a fine texture, and a neat growing habit. There are many books available on coreopsis and perennials for your garden.

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