Have You Tried to Grow Petunias?

Petunias are one of the showiest and most versatile garden flowers. The range of colors and types of petunia plants that are available is unbelievable. Petunias are one of the easiest flowers to grow in your yard and garden, and have one of the longest bloom seasons of any other annual.

Petunias will grow well with minimum care even in poor soils. Fertilizer should be added to the soil when the plants are set in the garden. Peat moss or compost is also helpful, although not absolutely necessary, unless you have very poor soil.

Two or three applications of fertilizer can be made during the summer. Once the plants are established, they should be watered deeply at one to two week intervals, depending on the weather. If you put too much fertilizer or water on them it will reduce flowering. They must have plenty of sun, so if they get too much shade they will also not flower very well.

Some gardeners prune the plants by pinching them back, in the middle of the growing season to encourage a more blooming. Even if you don’t take these steps I mentioned, petunias will still out shine all the rest of the annuals.

Petunias should be planted when there is no danger of frost, and can be planted up to midsummer and still make a good showing.

They can be used in almost any sunny spot in the garden, whether it is small or large. Plant your plants anywhere that you want a splash of color. Your best effect will be when you use only one or two colors in a bed to produce a very striking color effect.

Petunias Brighten Your Garden

They can cover some distance too. By planting ten plants or so, they will quickly cover a 8 to 12 foot area. For areas that may use lights at night, try adding in some pure white and light pink varieties.

Petunias can also be incorporated into beds in front of shrubs and other bushes, or any type of taller plants. They come in such a variety of colors that are brilliant colors, soft pastels, and pure bright shades. Most petunias are bought as pot plants but they can certainly be grown from seeds. These are great plants to pot up in your potting bench. Bench potting will save you a lot of  money as potted plants are getting a little more pricey than they used to be. Some gardeners enjoy starting their plants from seeds.

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