Hexagonal Gazebo – Perfect for Backyard Entertaining

A hexagonal gazebo is a type of gazebo that is perfect for backyard entertaining. It will add style and elegance to your overall backyard design. A hexagon gazebo has 6 sides, making it a beautiful gazebo to look at. Most are affordable and make a great addition to your home. A gazebo will also add to the value and aesthetic look of your home.

"Hexagonal Gazebo"

Hexagonal Gazebo

Hexagon Gazebo Facts and Info

A hexagonal gazebo may be made of different types of materials. You can purchase them with a 6 sided frame with a canvas canopy gazebo type of top; but it is usually made of wood and can be purchased in gazebo kits or pre-made and shipped directly to your home. The prices will vary from one manufacturer to another. Wood gazebos will definitely cost more than a canopy type of gazebo or a canvas gazebo. They are usually permanent fixtures and are usually built into the place that they will stay.

They can be customized by having a 2 tier roof, or an ornamental cupola on top. You can add benches and railing to your hexagonal gazebo to add more details to the overall design. The roof comes in many different options as well. You can choose from shingles, slate and other more exotic types of roofing options.

Hexagon Gazebo sizes and Kit Info

Most hexagonal gazebos come in 8’ and 10’ sizes. You can purchase them in precut and panelized versions for easy installation also. Many of the gazebo kits come with all the hardward and instructions that you will need to assembly your hexagon gazebo. Many companies will allow you to purchase some of the extra details yourself. This will save you money in the long run, since you can do the detail work at your leisure and not be rushed putting everything together at one time.

"8' Hexagonal Gazebo"

Smaller 8' Hexagonal Gazebo with a cupola

A gazebo, with various shapes or materials, is the perfect structure for placing in any landscape. It allows the homeowner to enjoy a nice shaded area in addition to their patio or deck area. A gazebo is usually placed out in the yard so that it is visible from any angle in your yard or garden. It will serve as a focal point in your landscape that can be accented with beautiful blooming shrubs and flowers.

"Hexagon Gazebo with Gazebo Lights"

Gazebo Lights light up this Hexagon Gazebo

Don’t forget about adding some outdoor garden lights to use after the sun goes down. A hexagonal gazebo can turn into a charming and dazzling structure set out in your yard for family and friends to enjoy in so many different ways.

Your yard and garden is the perfect setting to use your gazebo for a June wedding or a graduation party for your new graduate. Homeowners enjoy getting outdoors and having friends over to cook out and entertain.

"Hexagonal Canopy Gazebo"

Hexagonal Canopy Gazebo

A hexagonal gazebo is a great type of wooden gazebo to have in your yard and garden. Everyone I know that owns one, continues to enjoy using their hexagonal gazebo.

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