Home Depot Tile Flooring- Which Tile is Best?

Home Depot tile flooring  is durable and offers many types of tile flooring options. Home Depot specializes in ceramic tiles and natural stone tiles and has many variations of each type of tile to choose from. This is an overview of the main types of tile flooring that Home Depot offers and some of the advantages of having tile floors.

"Home Depot Tile Flooring"

Home Depot Ceramic Tile Flooring

Tile Flooring Advantages

Tile floors offers a beautiful, durable floor that can be chosen to accent your floors in a way that can show off your tastes and style. Tile floors are easy to maintain and will give you lasting beauty for many years to come. Tile will last for many years and seems to show not wear and tear as time passes.

Cleaning and maintaining tile floors requires only sweeping and a little mopping here and there to keep them looking great. Tiles seem to have a natural beauty that homeowner love. They can be purchased in different colors, with unique types of designs, and some fairly dramatic patterns that will accent and give beauty to your floors.

Tiles come in several different sizes, so you will need to decide the size of the tile that will go best in your area. Usually, you should choose smaller tiles for smaller spaces and larger tiles for larger, more open areas.

Types of Tile Flooring Materials from Home Depot

Most tiles come in either as natural stone, or as a ceramic tile. The ceramic tiles include the unglazed porcelain ones as well.

Both types of tiles are installed in the same manner. Each material has its own characteristics and benefits. For instance, natural stone may require a little extra care and up keep than will the ceramic tiles.

"Black Galaxy Granite"

Black Galaxy Granite is a natural stone tile

Home Depot Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are fired in a kiln at high temperatures. They can be made from many different types of clay and have additional processes added to apply different types of surfaces to them.

Ceramic tiles may be glazed or unglazed and may be porcelain tiles as well. Other types of tile are: Terra Cotta tile, Saltillo tile, a specific regional type of terra cotta, and Mosaic tile, and Quarry tile.

*Tile that is less than 6 inches is considered to be mosaic tiles. They can be used to form colorful patterns and designs.

"Home Depot University"

Get Help from Home Depot University

Home Depot Natural Stone Tiles

Natural stone tiles are found in three types of stone. Marble, slate, and granite. They also carry the popular Travertine stone tiles. They are all very durable and will come in different types of finishes for your flooring needs. They will come with two types of finishes or textures, polished and honed. Home Depot also carries the popular Black Granite. The Black granite tiles, such as the black galaxy granite, comes in 12 x 12" tiles.

"Ceramic tile Flooring"

Ceramic tile flooring

Each one will give a different finished look, so be sure to look at all of them to see which one will work for your home project. Natural stone tiles are not recommended for areas that have a lot water or grease around. They are, however, very popular because of their durability and beauty.

Home Depot offers many great choices in tile flooring. They also offer installation help and information from the Home Depot University, so that putting in a tile floor is quick and easy to do. Their personnel is there to help you with your projects, so don't hesitate to ask them questions.

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