Hot Tub Gazebo – Design Ideas and Accessories

Hot tub gazebo design ideas, hot tub gazebo accessories, and special touches designed to improve your outdoor enjoyment.  A hot tub, complete with a picturesque gazebo, is something you will enjoy having in your yard. A hot tub, spa, or backyard cabanas come in many different styles and designs. It is recommended to have a gazebo to place over your hot tub to protect your from harmful UV rays, especially in the summer months. Once you have your hot tub picked out and in place, then you are ready to choose your ideal hot tub gazebo.

"Hot Tub Gazebo"

Hot tub gazebo with side bar

You will find a gazebo for hot tub use is usually square, but will also come in odd shapes, such as rectangular, oval, and round shapes. While most gazebos come in a square shape, usually a 10 x 10 ft. Is a standard size, there are other custom shapes available to fit hot tub designs.

When deciding on a hot tub gazebo you should think about the overall appearance of your hot tub. Do you want to have a themed area, such as like a tiki hut with a thatched roof, or one that is a permanent type structure made of sturdy wood, or one that has a canopy gazebo structure with a canvas or fabric top on it?

Most hot tub gazebos will have the standard 4 posts and a framework of either wood or cast aluminum. The roof options seem to be the portion of your gazebo that you can use to give your hot tub the style and look that you desire. A colorful roof or fabric, or unusual types of roofing material can add a special touch to your design.

"Hot Tub Gazebo with Lattice Roof"

Lattice provides privacy and shade

Design Options and Accessories

  • Other great ideas for you hot tub is to place lattice work around the frame of your gazebo and allow climbing plants to grow up and over the lattice work. This will not only provide a nice tropical atmosphere around your hot tub, but will give you more privacy. Be sure to plant some climbers that offer some brightly colored flowers and ones that might have a pleasant scent to enjoy as well.
  • Many hot tubbers enjoy have a small bar or beverage area close at hand. This can be a simple type of cart or a more elaborate style bar complete with a refrigerator, glasses and mixes for all to enjoy. Of course, the beverages can be anything your family enjoys, from cocktails to simple sodas and drinks. In the summer time, even good cold lemonade can be refreshing.
  • A cabana style hot tub gazebo can be easily made by using a colorful type of fabric that can be placed over the framework of the gazebo frame to create an Arabian style oasis for a great looking design. The fabric can also be pulled closed for add more privacy, and for keeping any wind or bad weather out.
  • Another great feature to add is bench seating. When you are out of the hot tub, having a place to sit and get a little relief from the tub is great option also. You can place a few chairs with brightly covered accessories such as cushions and flowering plants to add a little color and to carry out your overall design theme.
  • If you enjoy the party atmosphere or a more relaxing atmosphere, you can put in a sound system for music. Music can always set the mood for any occasion. If you don't want anything as elaborate as putting in a complete sound system, then you can downsize to something as simple as a CD player or radio of some sort. Provide a nice little hidden away DVD player behind some shelves or lights where it cannot be seen, and the mood will be set.
  • You can also choose various materials in close proximity to your hot tub to create a theme. You can add bamboo furniture and accessories or more modern, brightly colored patio type furniture.
  • Tropical Plants planted in large colorful containers will also add a special touch to your surroundings.
  • Don’t forget about putting up lights. Gazebo lights add a little pizazz to your late night hot tub fun. Lights always add a little charm to the outdoors and presents more of a party type of atmosphere. There are many types of backyard lighting that will work well on, or around your hot tub gazebo. Solar lights, bamboo torches, string lights, LED lights, colored lights, and endless options for custom types of lighting.

    "Hot Tub Gazebo with Lights"

    Lights can add pizazz

Other Facts and Tips

"Hot Tub Canopy Gazebo over Spas"

Hot Tub Canopy Gazebo over Spas

One important tip is the placement of your hot tub and gazebo. Be sure to try to place it out of the reach of trees. Blowing leaves, seeds, and pollen can be a mess if they are too close to your hot tub.

If you choose a canopy gazebo to place over your hot tub, you can always purchase canopy replacement parts when they wear out.

Gazebo kits are also available for purchase. They come with the basic enclosure pieces and some come with an informative DVD that gives you step-by-step instructions.

You can also find Hot tub gazebo plans to build and design your own gazebo. This is a great option because it will give you the basics for building it yourself. This gives you more of an option to build a hot tub gazebo in a larger size than you may be able to find in your local area.

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