How are Roses Grouped?

Roses are grouped by taking into consideration several factors. The rose is, and has been for many years, the most popular garden flower. It is loved for its fragrance, form, and infinite variety of color. During the present century, immense progress has been made in raising new varieties by crossbreeding and selection. Many new types have arisen.

Roses can be grown in your yard and garden as a single bush, in flower beds with multiple rose bushes, or planted in decorative containers. Roses now have their blooming season extended and offer more blooms than ever before. In fact, only a severe frost puts am end to their season of beauty.

This shrub rose is a Knock Out variety

Roses are classified and grouped in various ways. Their  groups often overlap, and are not entirely logical, and sometimes can even lead to a little confusion. It is convenient to be able to get an overview that describes terms used to describe roses in books, magazines and catalogues to classify Roses.

Growth Habits of Roses

Growth habit refers to how the rose bush grow and behaves. This name “Shrub Rose” is used to describe kinds of roses, such as, a miscellaneous group of wild species, simple hybrids between the wild species, and more complex garden hybrids, with little in common except their growth habit, which is that of a sizeable shrub. Shrub roses are under the species name of Rosa. The Knock Out roses are absolutely beautiful. They bloom prolifically all summer long and into the cooler fall weather. I have five of these planted and I just love them. My favorite is the Pink Knock Out Rose.

The Climbing Roses and Ramblers, exhibit still another type of a growth pattern. Climbing roses stiff stems and produce flowers either singly or in clusters of flowers. They have long canes that grow from the base or along main branches. They have medium sized flowers and bloom June to October.

Prime blooming will occur in June and July. As their name states, these roses will climb, but not on their own. They need to be tied or secured to a wall, or fence to keep them from just sticking out forward toward your yard. They do not climb on their own. They will be straggly and unappealing if not tied back properly.

Hybrid Tea Rose


Tea and Hybrid Teas are a group of roses that have nicely shaped flowers that are usually come singly on a stem, or sometimes they may grow in small clusters. They bloom from June to October. These roses are the ones most used in flower arrangements.

Floribunda roses have smaller flowers that appear in clusters. They provide a big splash of color in your yard or garden because of the abundance of clustered blooms that appear.

Grandiflora roses are medium sized roses that are varieties that are between the Hybrid Teas and the Floribundas. They also have larger clusters of flowers and are a popular type of rose. Grandifloras are great cutting roses also.

Roses are used throughout the garden to adorn gates, and gazebos. They add a sweet smelling fragrance  to your outdoor deck or patio. One of the most noted reasons for growing roses, is for the fresh cut flowers that can be brought indoors to admire.

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