How To Create A Gateway Garden

A gateway arch is the first glimpse a visitor will see of your garden.  A gateway garden should be inviting and pleasing to the eye. By combining a striking structure and plantings you can make an inviting entry into your garden.

Entrances are an important part of any landscape. They can welcome visitors into your property, highlight a special feature such as a rose garden. It may be used to mark a passage between two areas that may have a different character or function.

A Gateway Rose Arbor

The design can serve in any of these situations. You can incorporate a low board fence close to an arbor with massed shrubs and perennials to create a friendly, attractive barrier that serves as a boundary for the front yard. A gabled latticework arbor can be an evocative welcoming entryway. Try  draping the arbor with vines that will flower and add color. There are flowers that you can choose that bloom from early summer to frost.

You should choose flowers for each season and then try to set them off by adding both evergreen and deciduous shrubs. These are some of the plants that I would choose in this design. Try Scarlet honeysuckle, Marney juniper, green Japanese barberry, crimson pygmy Japanese barberry, abbotswood potentilla, and a Stella d'Oro daylily. Yellow plants blend in with the pink and green to add a very special effect in the garden.

The design can be subtle or dramatic. Each view with give you a little different prospective. This design will require a number of weekends of concentrated work to install. Once established, however, the plants will not be demanding at all. In addition to routine seasonal cleanup, you'll just need to trim the junipers and the green Japanese barberry to maintain their height and shape. Since not every situation will call for a fenced enclosure, this will be optional.

The arbor can stand alone as the center of the gateway supported by the other plantings. The arbor will be flanked by roses, and mixed plantings of shrubs and perennials. The result will be an entrance that will have the feel of entering an oasis or island.

A Rose covered entry arbor can be the centerpiece of your island garden. Choose one of many varieties of double pink roses to plant on each side of the arbor, then choose large evergreen junipers to serve as anchors for the design. By adding long blooming plants to on the outer sides, you will brighten the entry with color for much of the summer. The fragrant double pink roses will encourage lingering beneath the arbor. White pale-yellow yarrow, bright gold day lilies and pink spireas all invite a stroll around the planting beds.

After planning your gateway garden, you can move to the backyard area and think about adding a garden structure, such as a canopy or canvas gazebo or a outdoor eating place for children by providing a picnic bench table for them.

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