How to Have a Waterproof Gazebo in a Few Easy Steps

Waterproofing a canvas gazebo can be a great concern if your canvas is loosing its ability to keep out water. There are two options available to you. You can either buy a gazebo replacement cover or you can choose to have an easy gazebo to waterproof yourself. Here is one way that you can waterproof your gazebo and get the rest of it back in tip top shape as well. I have recommended several products that will waterproof your gazebo. *Read entire article to get the info before you begin doing anything to your gazebo. Your gazebo is definitely worth fixing up by either means.

Steps to Waterproofing your gazebo

1. Take your canopy off of the gazebo. You can do this by unhooking the velcro loops or snaps off from the main frame that it is attached to. It should come undone and fall down easily.

2. Check your framework while your canopy is down. Check for any type of rust that may appear. If you found some rust, all you have to do is sand it off and spray on a rust inhibiting spray. Usually this is a lubricating spray that keeps rust from forming on the metal. You can locate this in hardware stores or any type of home store in your area.

3. Now that your top is off of the gazebo, spread it out onto your lawn, and open it up all the way to make sure it is as flat as you can get it. Do this on a nice sunny day so that the surface can dry quickly.

4. You can purchase waterproof sprays such as Star Brite waterproof spray, Aqua Armor, Nikwax Solar Proof Spray On, Kiwi Camp Guard, or another brand of silicone spray that says it will waterproof on the can. Those of you in the UK can purchase a product: Fabsil Waterproof Spray which is a silicon based water repellent treatment for all kinds of outdoor materials. I would suggest that you get 2 cans of spray so that you will have enough for a good coating. Always read directions on sprays to make sure it does say that it will do for waterproofing. You will find many options available on line to purchase waterproofing products.

5.Once you have acquired your cans of waterproof spray, make sure you shake it up, then hold the can about 8 inches away from the area you are spraying at a 45 degree angle. Press the nozzle and apply the spray in a sweeping motion from side to side. Make sure you don’t miss a spot, but make sure that you get a good coating on all of the surface area.

6. Allow the first coat to dry, then apply another coat and let it dry.

7. After your canvas is totally dry, replace it back onto your gazebo. This coating should last you a while.

Now, you know how to waterproof your gazebo, you know that is a quick and fairly easy process to keep your canvas gazebo or canopy gazebo in tip-top shape from now on.

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