How to Make a Creative Planter

Creative planters only have a few requirements. They must be able to contain soil, tolerate the outdoors, hold plants, and stand a few pokes in the bottom for drainage. Learn a few tips on how to find and plant a creative planter for your deck or patio.

You can certainly go out and purchase a few sturdy terra-cotta planters at the garden center, or some plastic ones that can have any type of surface on it. But, let’s find something different. Different is good. Landscaping is a personal expression, only in green. It is a perfect way to make your mark on the land and define it as your own.

Creative Planter

Car Frame Planter

Try to think "outside the box," sort of speak. Explore options outside of our normal planter standards.

*Tip- More info on container planting can be found in an overview of planting in containers, and step-by-step planting in containers. This may be very helpful to you, especially if you have not planted in containers before.

How to find creative planters

First of all, you don’t have to think of container, the same way as you normally do. You will be surprised to find how you can

Creative planter idea

Planter from Old Shoes

transform something into useful, unusual containers. Such things as boots, baskets, urns, antique bowls, vintage bathtubs, whiskey barrels, glass bowls, toys, crates, and odd shaped tubs or cans.

If you have some rural property, an old truck parked in a garden brimming with flowers makes you think of a farmer’s market. With a few easy steps, you can turn just about any item capable of holding something into an expressive container.

Another neat idea, is to coil rope around a plain old planter. This changes a basic container into one with cowboy appeal, perfect for a cactus. Odd, mismatched shoes once soiled from play, are now filled with soil and serves as an unusual but unique holder.

Bathtub creative planter

Old Bathtub Planter

Supplies Needed

  • Interesting item capable of holding soil
  • Drill or awl
  • Plastic liner
  • Landscape fabric or coco fiber


1. To allow for drainage in a solid container, use a drill or awl to make holes in the bottom of the article you are using.

2. To prevent excessive leakage in containers such as baskets, line the interior with landscape fabric or coco fiber. Whichever one is easiest to obtain in your area.

3. Place your soil into the container, and scoop out a little soil and place your plant into the hole.

Creative Planter

Yes, even a Bra!

4. Fill in around the plant with soil and tamp it down firmly.

5. Water your plant and set it in a nice sunny location.

6. Remember to check the moisture level regularly. You can add a little fertilizer to the soil when you are feeding your other plants.

Creative planter keyboard

Keyboard as a Planter

*As you can see, just about anything can be transformed into a planter. It can be a bit unusual, but it will be unique and make your yard and garden the talk of the neighborhood. The keyboard on the left can be an actual keyboard that you plant small plants in, Or, it can be an enlarged set of pavers that you write the letters on, making a very interesting enlargement of a keyboard. Wow! You will be amazed when you start digging around in the attic or the basement for items you can use. Have fun!


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