Hydroponics- Is it Worthwhile or Not?

Hydroponics is a hobby that many gardeners seem to love and enjoy, and feel it is definitely worthwhile. General hydroponics refers to is a great system of growing plants that uses no soil, but relies, instead on water, air and nutrients to grow healthy plants.

Almost any type of plant can be grown by the hydroponic method. The possibilities are endless, from vegetables, to herbs, fruits to flowers. Just about whatever meets your fancy, you can grow. I think the amount of space that you have available would be the only limiting factor as to what you choose to grow indoors. Just imagine,  no raking, hoeing, or tilling is necessary. And to think, no more weeds to pull or unhealthy pesticides to spray. Let’s not forget, no cutworms, moles, and insects either. This is only some of the reasons that homegrown hydroponics is a hobby that continues to gain momentum all over the country.

GREAT YOU TUBE VIDEO from Walt Disney World's Hydroponic Greenhouse. \"Living with the Land Greenhouses\"

On a recent visit to Disney World, I found that their 'Land Pavilion' had an elaborate hydroponics greenhouse that they were using to test out processes and plant yields. Some of the testing was being done for NASA. I was amazed at the size of some of the vegetables that they were producing. Not only the size, but the quantity that was on each vine. They had them hanging from wires and trellises across the greenhouse, and you could easily see how effective this method of growing vegetables can be. The plants received special hydroponic nutrients that gave them all of the nutrients they  needed to grow into mature, healthy plants. They were able to furnish some of the restaurants near them with fresh cucumbers, tomatoes and other fresh vegetables.

"Hydroponic Tomato Plants"

Hydroponic Tomato Plants

Hydroponics is ideal for the a home owner or someone who lives in an apartment. If you don’t have the time or space for traditional gardening. In warmer seasons, such as late spring and summer, you can actually bring out your hydroponic system to the outdoors, if you have a portable hydroponic system.

It can be placed on a deck, patio, or balcony. The natural sunlight will help produce hug yields of anything from lettuce, to cucumbers, to hyacinths. When winter arrives, simply bring your unit back indoors where your plants will continue to grow under artificial lights, such as grow lights.

"Hydroponic System"

Small Hydroponic System

You will find that plants grow very well in hydroponics because their roots don’t have to push through heavy, chunky soil to compete for nutrients. Instead, a hydroponic system distributes nutrients evenly to each plant. What’s more, plants need air to breathe, and, unlike soil, a porous growing aggregate lets sir circulate freely around them. Because of this, everything grows quickly and beautifully.

"Homegrown Hydroponics"

Homegrown Hydroponics is Easy

Hydroponic plants grow faster, ripen earlier and give up to ten times the yield of soil grown plants. These clean and pampered plants produce fruits and vegetables of great nutritive value and superior flavor.

Many of them, especially hydroponic tomatoes and cucumbers are sold in the gourmet sections of supermarkets at considerably higher prices than ordinary vegetables. The point here is that you can grow the same vegetables for considerably less money than it cost to buy the pulpy supermarket varieties.

Hydroponically grown vegetables also taste better. Not the old tasteless winter vegetables that you sometimes find the stores during off seasons for a particular vegetable.

Give hydroponic gardening a try. I think you will enjoy seeing what you can do without soil. Remember, no soil and no manual labor is involved. Purchase some grow lights if you don't have enough light in the area that you have set aside for growing your plants.

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