Is Power Raking Really Beneficial?

You may have heard of power raking before and wonder if it is really beneficial. Power raking is very beneficial to your lawn. You will also need to know the signs of when to power rake your lawn. This article will give you valuable facts and information on power rakes, how they work, and how this process is beneficial to your lawn.

"Power Raking"

Power raking allows new lawn growth

How Does a Power Rake Work?

First, let me give you some information on what a power rake is so that you can better understand its operation. A power rake is a machine that has free-swinging keys that spin at a rate of 18 to 30 revolutions per second.

As these keys slam down on a lawn they force to the surface dead grass and other matter, allowing it to be picked up and hauled away. The keys also have sharpened corners that slice into the sod for a surface aeration. Many of the advantages of aerating are produced by a power rake, but on a much smaller scale.

Why Power Rake?

Dead plant material, dead grass, and dead leaves all come together and form loam, which provides food in soil. In a lawn undecomposed grass and other plant matter are called thatch.

This builds up and produces thatch as a layer to protect its roots from exposure to elements such as direct sunlight, wind, and people or animals walking across it. This layer also keeps water that seeps in under it from evaporating quickly and letting a lawn dry out.

The problem is that grass does not  know when to stop producing thatch, because man has mutated the different strains for his own purposes. With too much thatch a lawn can become yellow and the blades unhealthy because of lack of oxygen, water, and other nutrients that do not penetrate this thick layer. When thatch becomes ½ to 1 ½ inches thick the best known way is to rake it out. Using a power rake is the simplest and most effective way to do this. Following is a list of the benefits of a power raking done correctly.

Benefits of Power Raking

1. Removal of thatch- With two thirds of the thatch removed water and fertilizer can more easily reach the roots without running off or evaporating.

2. New lawn growth- Lawns without choking thatch are able to send up more new shoots, thus staying renewed, young, and green.

3. Rough surfaces leveled- When worms rise to the surface they tend to make hundreds of lumps all over the lawn. The rapid action of power rake keys will reduce these lumps and others that may appear for various reasons by up to 60 percent.

You will find that a good power raking every few years will keep your lawn in optimum condition. Power rakes can be rented from rental stores usually by the day. They are fairly simple to use, but be sure to ask the dealers how to  properly operate the machine before you get home with it and have questions about its operation.

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