John Deere 318-Are You Looking for Help or Info?

Do you own a John Deere 318 and looking for information or help? You can still find valuable information online about the 318 that will help you with answers to your questions, whether it is on a particular part that you need, or just general information on a certain model. This article gives a description, specifications, and a list of attachments for the 318 lawn mower.

The John Deere 318 was in production from 1983 to 1992. They were manufactured in Horicon, Wisconsin, a small town in Dodge County. It was manufactured, of course, under the John Deere name and labeled as a garden tractor. There were three models that were in this group: a smaller version, the John Deere 316, John Deere 317, and the John Deere 318.

They were very popular and there are many still around. Many of them have since been fine tuned or adapted with alternate parts to keep them running. Many owners of the original 318 have had problems with the Onan engine and have replaced it, with success, with a different type of engine. This allowed the 318 to continue as a valuable piece of equipment that continues with a good performance record.

John Deere 318

Specifications for John Deere 318

They were originally built with an Onan 2 cylinder gasoline engine, featuring 18 hp, with air cooling system. It had a hydrostatic transmission and a turning radius of 25 inches. It had a fuel capacity of 4.5 gallons. The PTO was electric, with the front PTO being optional.

It had a wheelbase of 46 inches and weighed about 836 pounds. The tires were of different sizes with the front pair being smaller than the back ones. The front tires measured 16x6.5-8 and the back tires measured a larger, 23x10.5-12.

John Deere 318 Attachments

The John Deere 318 came with one of three mower decks: 38”mower deck featured 2 blade hydraulic lift, 46” featured a 3 blade mower deck, and a 50” mower deck that was also a 3 blade. A 54” blade was also available at one time.

Snowblower attachments for the 318 featured a 46”-single stage snowblower with hydraulic lift, and a 47”dual-stage snowblower. A loader for this model was the John Deere 44.

*If you happen to own a riding mower, a John Deere bagger is available for  many of them.

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