John Deere 400-Predecessor of the 420,425,430,and 455

The John Deere 400 garden tractor was the first in the 400 series of tractors. The John Deere 400 was produced from 1975-1983. It is a heavy duty tractor that may be found listed as non-current equipment since it is out of production. There are many of these riding mowers that are still in circulation today. They are used by homeowners as well as commercial businesses to keep their property easily cut and maintained.

The 400 preceded the following models: John Deere 420, John Deere 425, John Deere 430, and John Deere 455. The 400 series dominated the market at the time with its power steering as a standard feature. It took its competition 5 years to come up with anything that could come close to the 400 series. the 400 series reigned for about 8 years before the next models were introduced. Each featuring something new and better for the consumer to take delight in.

John Deere 400

John Deere 400 with 60" Deck

John Deere 400

The John Deere 400 Series offered, not only style, and a larger size, it also offered features that were new to the market. The power steering feature was the ultimate at this time. It also offered additional performance advantages, including more engine horsepower and torque. This model features a 19.9 hp, dual cylinder Kohler gasoline engine with an oil filter. It had a 2 speed hydrostatic transaxle and a rear mounted 4 ½ gal.fuel tank. It had 3 spools of hydraulics, 2 remote and 1 for the rockshaft. It had a 60” PTO driven mower deck and a snowthrower.


Attachments could be easily installed with the Rockshaft installed category “0” three point hitch.

The 400 Series tractors are compatible with options such as, John Deere bagger, front blades, snow throwers, and other tow behind tools for different jobs.

The 400 Series that includes the 420, 425, 430, and 455 John Deere, also gives advantages in the range of horsepower that each model.

john deere 400 with Blade

John Deere with Blade Attachment

provides. They range from around 20 to 22 hp., and have cutting widths from 48 to 60 inches. By providing more torque, the 400 Series is able to have attachments such as the 40 Loader, or the 450 Rotary Tiller.

Used John Deere 400 series tractors and replacement parts can be found online. In some cases the parts may be substituted for another, but it advised to check with an authorized dealer who can look up the correct part number and help you attain the specific part you may be needing.

*Helpful information on many  John Deere Models can be found to help answer questions concerning your specific John Deere model.

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