John Deere 4020

If you are, or have been a proud owner of a John Deere 4020, you will know that you have owned a piece of John Deere history. This article gives a little history, and info on used  John Deere 4020's. This model came into to production around 1963-64 and last made in 1972. There are still some of this around. Some have been totally overhauled and some remain as antiques to be admired by their owners. John Deere has many tractors that are still available but out of production. The John Deere 318 and 300's series are ones that come quickly to mind. Many parts for these outdated models are still available as well.

The 4020 tractor was the most popular tractor in the 1960’s equipping farmers into a new era of farming. The John Deere 4020 was classified as a farm/agricultural tractor and was preceded in production by the John Deere 4010. In all, there were several models in the 4000 series of tractors. The smaller John Deere 4000, John Deere 4010, John Deere 4020, John Deere 4230, and the larger, John Deere 4320.

John Deere 4020-Remember Me?

The 4020 will be remembered as a work horse that could pull equipment in tandem and get the job done quickly and efficiently. At this time, John Deere was making sure that their tractors had many operator safety features added. John Deere was the first to develop roll over protection. This was offered on the 1966 model of the 4020 as well as other upcoming models of tractors. It wasn’t long before the patent was out and was soon installed on other brands of tractors as well. This was a great safety feature, which most likely saved the lives of many hard working farmers.

Another feature soon offered on the 4020, was a longer rear axel. John Deere called them ‘double rear wheels’. This allowed dual wheels to be added to the back for stability. They were extra wheels that had to be bolted on to the back axel.

At one time there was an option for either gas, diesel, or LP-gas engines. The LP-gas engines were later dropped as the demand diminished. The row-crop configuration was also dropped and the standard and row-crop types were blended into one.

*Newer John Deere models have many features that the older  models didn't have. The option of snowblower attachments are a great help to those living in rural areas where you get a lot of snowfall. For more info on other John Deere models, check out articles on yard and garden under category: John Deere mowers and tractors or snowblowers.

Used John Deere 4020 Tractors

There are many used 4020’s available today. I have found some used ones’s 1964’s, ‘67, ‘68,’70, and ‘72 at leading tractor companies. John Deere 4020 parts can also be found online, some at the same companies that sale used tractors and others that specialize in only tractor parts.

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