Know Your Dahlias-Types of Dahlias

Dahlias are diverse. There are many types of dahlias that come in various shapes, colors, and sizes.Dahlias will grow in many types of planting areas. You will find a description of the following types of dahlias: single dahlias, anemone dahlia, collerette dahlia, waterlily dahlia, decorative dahlia, ball dahlia, pompon dahlia, cactus dahlia, semi-cactus dahlia, orchid-flowered dahlia, dwarf bedding dahlia and lilliput dahlia.

"Types of Dahlias"

Gorgeous dahlias add color and texture to beds

Because dahlias do come in a vast range of sizes and colors, you are able to find the perfect type of dahlia for a particular planting box or bed. You can arrange many different types of dahlias by height beginning with the shorter varieties in the front of your plantings.

Dahlias often start to bloom in mid summer, but the larger kinds don’t put on a decent show until late summer. They will continue to bloom until they are cut back by the first frost. They are tuberous-rooted, and the dry tubers are widely sold by bulb companies and seed companies as well as garden centers and discount center.

Specialty dahlia nurseries usually sell young plants propagated from cuttings. Some bedding types are easily raised from seed sown in warmth in late winter or early spring.

Types of Dahlias and Description

Single Dahlia- each flower having 8-10 petals that appear with a single central disc clearly visible.

Anemone Dahlia- flowers are double, but there are two kinds of petals: central ones are short and tubular, the outer larger and flat.

Collerette Dahlia- there are three distinctive parts to this flower: a central yellow disc, a collar of small petals, then the outer row of full-sized petals.

Waterlily Dahlia- these fully double flowers have broad, flat petals, giving the impression of a waterlily shape.

Decorative Dahlia- (One of my favorites) are doubles with broad petals rounded at the end, usually curling inward slightly along their length.

Ball Dahlia- the whole of this double flower is rounded and ball-shaped. The  petals are rolled for over half their length.

Pompon Dahlia- like a small ball dahlia, pompons grow to 2 in. (5 cm) across, and the petals are rolled for the whole of their length.

Cactus Dahlia- the double flowers have narrow pointed petals, quilled or rolled backward, also may be incurving or straight.

Semi-Cactus Dahlia- as their name implies, these are similar to cactus dahlias in appearance but they are not as spiky-looking. The petals have a broad base and curve backward.

Orchid-flowered Dahlia- like a single dahlia, but with the petals rolled for a least two-thirds of their length.

Dwarf Bedding Dahlia- these usually have small single or semi-double flower, though some are fully double. Normally raised from seeds annually, even though the tubers can be saved.

Lilliput Dahlias- these grow little more than 1 ft. (30 cm.) tall, and have perfectly formed miniature single flower. They can be used in the rock garden, pots, tubs, or window boxes.

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