Landscaping a Canopy Gazebo

By landscaping a canopy gazebo, or any type of gazebo you might have, you can make it into a romantic escape, a quiet garden retreat, or a formal seating area. This can only be accomplished when your landscaping choices help bring your ideas into reality. You will find that a little landscaping can go long way to achieving the mood that surrounds your canopy gazebo.

"Canopy Gazebo"

Transform your gazebo into a garden oasis

What will landscaping my canopy gazebo accomplish?

Visual balance is achieved by having the landscape seem to flow out from the gazebo, at least the distance of the structure's width. You can go out further, if you choose landscaping that does not have a trees, arbors, or other tall objects or structures that will cause your landscape to be out of balance. Your canopy gazebo should either be the focal point or blend in naturally in the landscape where you do have existing trees and plants. Simpler designs such as structures without a cupola or sides, can give a more see-through effect that will seem to make the gazebo blend or melt into the landscape.

What can I add to the landscape around my Gazebo?

There are many things that you can add to your landscape. A backdrop, such as a hedge, rose bushes, shrubs or even a fence will allow the canvas gazebo to be more prominent in the garden.

"Landscape a Canopy Gazebo"

Greenery adds to look of a Gazebo Canopy

You might like to consider adding a pathway that leads up to your canopy gazebo. Placing a park bench next to the path will also add to the overall landscape design. The pathway will serve, not only as a way to lead your eye to the focal point of your garden, but will also keep from wearing an obvious path to the gazebo.

Stepping stones, flag stone, concrete pavers, and bricks, can all be purchased easily from distributors to form your own winding path. The preformed brick stepping stones will form a nice pathway and is may be more economical at the same time. You will want to choose the type of material that you are the most comfortable installing.

"Canopy Gazebo Landscaped"

Add a path leading into your Gazebo

Some materials will require additional materials to be purchased in addition to the stone itself. It is very important plan on doing  soil preparations before you lay any type of pathways, regardless of the material. Plants and flowers should be chosen to compliment both the gazebo and the rest of your garden.

Rose bushes and shrubs of many types, are excellent choices of plants to be placed next to any type of garden gazebo. The more common types, that have a gazebo cover, would be the canopy gazebo, or the canvas gazebo. You can add landscaping to any type of outdoor gazebo to get the effect that you want.

Landscaped Outdoor Gazebo"

Beautifully landscaped outdoor gazebo

Trees for your landscape should be chosen carefully, as some varieties are too large for smaller gardens. Directions are usually given when purchasing trees, so be sure to read them to make sure your tree will develop into a mature healthy specimen.

Don't forget that you can also add color and style to your outdoor gazebo by simply adding a few container plantings of brightly colored flowers, or for a cooling effect, you can add some baskets of various types of fern. These can either to hung up along the framework of your gazebo, or placed to each side or corner of the framework.

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