Lawn Mowers-What Are the Differences?

Most people, who own their own home and have a yard or garden, own some type of lawn mower. There are many different kinds of lawn mowers on the market to purchase. Here is a quick overview of some different types of lawn mowers. You will find that you can buy quality accessories, such as baggers to go with many popular brands. I hope that this information will help you decide which type will be best for you.

Reel Lawn Mower

The Reel mowers are not used as much today as they used to be. Most of them are of the push type, manually operated, but several varieties have been made with engines. Reel mowers cut extremely well because of their action which cuts the grass between two surfaces. The way this machine is built also helps draw the grass onto the cutting surface regardless of the height of the grass. This is something that few lawn mowers do very well. Reel mowers are good for a very small area that can be easily mowed manually.

Simple Rotary Mower

The simple rotary mower is another type of mower and is the cheapest to manufacture. They come in different varieties, such as side baggers, rear baggers, and high vacuum baggers. Most people prefer the rear baggers because of the convenience of not having to maneuver a machine with a bag sticking far out to the side of the mower. But side baggers are excellent cutting machines in other ways. They are usually a considerable bit cheaper to buy, and they breakdown less often ,and are easily maintained and taken care of.

Self-Propelled Rotary Mower

The self propelled mower is more convenient to use but does not cut the lawn any better than other types. If you have hills or a slope to mow, the self-propelled mower reduces the difficulty of that operation by as much as 1/3. On a flat surface it may cut your time by 1/4. The majority of people feel the job of mowing a lawn is tiring and time consuming anyway. One drawback to the self-propelled models is that they have many more moving parts, and if they should break down it can be expensive to fix or replace them. So, because of this fact, I would recommend that you make sure you have a good warranty plan on your new mower. This type has a blade clutch that stops the blade when the handle is released, but the engine is still running. This saves wear on fingers and ignition systems.

Mulching Mower

The mulching lawn mower is developed to mulch your grass clippings by specially designed blades that  chew the cut grass into small enough mulched pieces to be absorbed efficiently into the lawn. This mower  will work well on just about any variety of grass, but the maintenance is a bit more difficult than that for a  regular rotary mower.

Commercial Extra-wide

This particular mower comes with the self-propelled feature and is extremely useful for cutting very large lawns. It is easy to maneuver even for tight turns, but of coarse difficult to get through small gates or garages. The blades are easy to sharpen and repairs are not usually called for very often, but most are not equipped with bags to pick up the grass.

Riding Lawn Mower

When I think of mowers, I always seems to think of John Deere mowers and tractors. There are many brands of quality riding lawn mowers, usually have a large turning radius, making them impractical for any but the larger lawns. And even people with big lawns sometimes have trouble getting a rider to both front and back yards. This is not the case if you should have a large open area to cut. If someone has a private yard, fenced or enclosed, then access may be through a gate. There are some types of riding mowers that have been streamlined to go through gates making them more popular than they used to be for home owners. Most of these mowers do not have bags to pick up the cut grass.

If you, however, do have a large lawn, when there is available access, there can really be no substitute for a riding lawn mower. They involve so little effort to operate and they can be adapted to be used for snow removal and garden hoeing.

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