Market Umbrellas- How to Choose the Best Market Umbrella

Market umbrellas make distinctive and useful additions to your patio or deck. Market umbrellas and garden umbrellas come in many styles, sizes, and colors so you are sure to find the one that will work best for you.

"Market Umbrella"

Market umbrellas provide shade and protection from the elements

Choosing a Market Umbrella

Many factors should be considered when choosing which type of patio umbrella for your home. You will need to consider the space you have for an umbrella. The umbrella should be able to open up with sufficient space around the umbrella to walk around. The canvas or polyester tops come in many different colors. You should be able to match or contrast the color with any other outdoor furniture or color schemes.

The style of the umbrella should be chosen so that it adds to the design or theme of your outdoor space. You should consider if your umbrella will be left open most of the time or if you need to close it up each time you use it. If you are considering closing it up after each use, you may want to consider purchasing one that has a crank to easily raise and lower the canopy top. There are some types of umbrellas that simply have holes along the pole to catch a pop out metal piece that catches in the open hole. This is sometimes hard to do when you have to pull up on the umbrella slide until it catches into the space.

Types of Market Umbrellas

1. Wood Market Umbrella

The wood umbrellas come in sizes 6.5’, 7.5’, 9’, and 11’ spans. The prices of market umbrellas start at around $49.00 for a simple design at 6.5’and continue upward in larger spans and more complex features to over $300.00. They can also be purchased in commercial grades for extra sturdiness. They have heavy duty canvas tops that give protection from the sun and rain. You will find umbrellas with the typical parasol top, as well as some unique umbrellas with tiki tops.

Wood umbrellas do tend to warp after several years of use. If using this type, I would close it up after using and keep it out of bad weather. They can be stored easily in your garage or basement until sunny weather returns. This may take a little extra effort on your part, but it will save the life of your umbrella materials so that you get your moneys worth out of your purchase.

If you need tilt umbrellas, they also come with this added feature. Many homeowners have switched to this type of umbrella so they have the option of changing the direction to coincide with the changing direction of the sun. This is a great feature and you will get the most benefit from this style. Some models also have pulleys that help raise and lower the umbrella more easily.

Designer market umbrellas can also be purchased in special colors to match any patio or deck decor. The prices will vary on this type of umbrella according to your choices.

2. Aluminum Market Umbrella

Aluminum umbrellas come in the same sizes as do the wood umbrellas. You may also choose ones that have LED lights attached to help light up your patio for parties and other outdoor activities. You will find standard shapes, as well as rectangular styles available. A new feature coming soon from the manufacturer are auto tilt market umbrellas. They will also be available in an oval style.

Aluminum is a great material used often for outdoor products. It offers many years of use and is very durable to withstand the elements. This is a prime material used in many outdoor canvas gazebos and pop up tents, so it is understandable that they also make excellent umbrellas.

"Garden Umbrellas"

Use light Accessories for festive occasions

Umbrellas Accessories

There are many types of accessories also available to enhance or stabilize your garden umbrella. Most umbrellas do not come with a stand. You will need to purchase a market umbrella stand to go with your umbrella to help it stand upright and not blow over when gust of wind come up. Choose a stand made of heavy metal, such as iron, if possible. These will come in basic or decorative styles for you to choose.

Decorate your umbrellas and boost up your outdoor space with lights or fixtures that light up your umbrella. Some types of attachment are available to attach to the top of the pole and sends light down onto the surface of your table.


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