Metal Gazebos- Which One to Choose?

Metal gazebos are one type of gazebo that you should consider when you are trying to choose a gazebo for your backyard. A metal gazebo offers a sturdy, weather resistant framework that will last for many years. If you choose to invest in a quality structure, you will get your money’s worth in the end.

"Metal Gazebo of Wrought Iron"

Hexagonal Metal Gazebo of Wrought Iron

You should make sure you decide where you want to place your outdoor metal gazebo before you buy one. There are many types of gazebos available, and this type tends to be heavier than some of the other types, so it will not be easy to move it around in your yard or garden once it is put into place.

Metal gazebos are made of different types of metal. You will find that a steel gazebo, with a coated steel frame, a wrought iron gazebo, and an aluminum gazebo, are the most common types of metal gazebos. Some gazebos may have an aluminum frame, but the rest of it will be more of a canopy gazebo type with the fabric canopy on top. You will find, however, that you can purchase metal gazebos with a metal frame with a canopy top of a variety of materials.

Wrought iron is a frequently used type of framework for gazebos. They will usually have a weather resistant coating on it to protect it against the elements. If you should get a nick or cut into the surface of your wrought iron gazebo, you will need to touch it up fairly quickly so that rust does not set in. You can find rust resistant sprays at home and garden stores and your local hardware store that will easily take care of such problems.

"Metal Gazebo"

Metal Gazebo w/steel frame and canopy top

Metal gazebos also come in many sizes such as, 10 x 10, 10 x 20, and 8 x 8 ft. sizes. There are also many gazebo shapes, such as, hexagonal, and octagonal shapes. The shape of your gazebo can be one factor that leads your eye towards your gazebo, making it the focal point in your backyard. A hexagonal gazebo is very appealing because of its nice six sided framework. Be sure to check out all of the neat shapes and styles that are available.

A big advantage when it comes to metal gazebos, is that you can buy them in gazebo kits. If you are good with construction and can follow directions, you should be able to put a gazebo kit together. Make sure you have the equipment  and tools that you need so that you can get your DIY project put together correctly and easily.

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