More Ways to Attract Butterflies to Your Garden- DIY Project

There’s more  to attracting butterflies than just planting sweet flowers. You must create a habitat with features that butterflies enjoy. Think of this DIY project as your plan for a butterfly playground. Besides selecting the right plants, you’ll also include: Sunny areas and open spaces, shade trees and shrubs for nesting and protection, puddles, and a DIY butterfly feeder.

A complete list of  plants that butterflies love, can be found to help you make an attractive butterfly garden. This project serves as an additional way to help you establish a habitat with a variety of features, including plants that butterflies find appealing.

Ways to Attract Butterflies

1. Plant a variety: Select a range of annuals and perennials, along with shrubs and trees, that will attract butterflies. Plant different sizes and flowers with various blooms.

2. Sunny spot: Butterflies love to bask in the sun. Be sure your property has open spaces that allow light exposure.

3. Shade areas: During cool or windy weather, butterflies like to hide in trees and bushes that protect t hem from the elements. They also prefer to nest in foliage plants.

4. Make puddles: Rain puddles are a common gathering space for butterflies, and you can create your own garden puddle with a planter saucer. Simply bury it into the ground by digging a hole deep enough to hold the saucer without covering the brim. Fill the saucer with gravel or sand, and then pour in water, a sweet drink, or stale beer.

5. Add a Butterfly FeederProject Supplies: -16” (40.6cm) diameter shallow planter saucer or tray,   -Sand or gravel,  -Plant material, -Small jar or plastic bottle with lid,  -Sugar, -Cotton ball, -Drill, and -String.

Supplement flower nectar with a feeder made from a small jar. Drill a hole in the center of the lid, and plug this hole with a cotton ball. Fill the jar with 1 part sugar (not honey) to 9 parts warm water. Stir to mix until the sugar dissolves. Fasten the lid onto the jar. Attach bright, fabric petals to the lid to make it more appealing. Tie string around the jar and hang, lid downward, in a tree or bush.

Different Types of  Butterfly Feeders

Butterfly Feeder from Plastic Bottle

Butterfly feeder made from a metal lid

Make a pumpkin feeder

Butterfly finials

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