Mudroom Benches and Lockers Make Great Storage Spaces

Mudroom benches are great additions to a mudroom. A mudroom bench or a mudroom locker can provide a handy place to sit and take off muddy and wet clothing, or a place to hang up wet clothes and store wet, muddy shoes. Get facts and info on many types of mudroom benches and mudroom lockers so you can choose the right bench for your mudroom.

"Mudroom Lockers"

Mudroom lockers provide handy storage spaces

There are many advantages of having a mudroom for your family. This is especially convenient when you have children or family members who enjoy getting out and enjoying the outdoors. There are many types of mudroom lockers and benches available and each are unique mudroom benches that are made of different materials. Most mudrooms come equipped with some or all of these accessories: mudroom cabinets, mudroom cubbies, mudroom lockers and storage benches. Store sports equipment, outdoor wear such as, winter coats, rain coats, boots, gloves, hats other items that you want to keep together in a central location so that it is easily found and will keep wet, damp, and muddy items at a distance.

Get some ideas on mudroom designs and other mudroom ideas to help design a room if you are in the planning stages. If you already have a room designated as a mud room, you can add pieces as you go along as there are many items that can be purchased to add convenience and space savings ideas that you can incorporate into your mudroom. If you own other types of benches such as an outdoor bench, bedroom bench, or dining bench, you probably already know how useful and convenient they can be.

Types of Mudroom Benches and Lockers

Mudroom benches may be simple in design, but should be functional and resistant to moisture. Many people like the locker style mudroom benches which can also serve to store and hang up coats and wet articles, as well as storing winter gloves and scarves. This saves room in your home and keeps the messes out of the way. Other Popular Mudroom benches come in halltree mudroom styles, and mudroom cubbybench styles.

Mudroom lockers come in many styles as well. You may want to choose a cabinet system with many open storage bins or ones with closed doors to keep the area looking tidy. Most homeowners who have frequent wet items will prefer the open areas with hooks and hangers to let wet items dry out quickly. Lockers also are great for storing shoes that are used outdoors so they don't come into the main living area.

"Mudroom Benches"

Mudroom Benches with baskets

Mudroom Bench Materials

The wood varieties range from hardwoods such as oak and Asian hardwoods to cherry in natural colors, to metal and wicker bench styles. Some have drawers or baskets, and may have a flip top which is an added advantage when you need extra storage space. Most types are typical benches with or without backs. Some types will be made of plastics or poly materials, while others may be padded in leather. Another popular mudbench is a simple shaker style bench that serves its purpose very well. When choosing a bench, you should choose a bench that will fit your family needs and budget.

Colors and Prices of Mudroom Benches and Lockers

The colors will vary according to wood type and in some mudroom bench styles you can purchase stained or painted colors such as, black, brown, and white. A white bench goes with many home interiors and is very popular. It is possible to also buy an unfinished mudroom bench and either paint or stain it a color to match your home decor. You have an advantage to be able to add extra coats of urethane to your bench to help it resist moisture and everyday wear and tear from use.

Prices will vary according to the type, size, and style you choose. You can purchase good quality mudroom benches less than $100.00. The average  prices will range around $200-$500. You will be able to find many more at greater prices, but check out all of the medium range prices first as you will be surprised at the options you have available to you.

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