Murray Snowblower-A Good Choice!

Murray snowblowers are a good choice if you are in the market for a snowblower. Murray offers snowblowers in electric models, single, and dual stage models. A snowblower is one of the best pieces of equipment you can own when the winter brings on a lot of snow. A snowblower, or snowthrower, either one, will move the snow out of your drive way or walkway. This article will give you an overview of murray snowblowers and snow shovels, as well as give facts and information on each type.

Electric Snow Shovels

Murray carries six reasonably priced electric snow shovels ranging from 12" to 15" wide. The motors will range from 6.0 AMP to 6.5 AMP motors.

Single Stage Snowthrowers

Murray Single Stage Snowthrowers are made for lighter snow removal  jobs. These are good for removing snow from walkways and medium sized driveways. They are easily stored away when not in  use.

Murray 4.5hp-21" snowblower

Model #620000x30N- This is a 12 AMP electric single-stage snowthrower that has a 20" clearing path.

Model #620301xN- This is equipped with a 3.0 hp 2-cycle Tecumseh engine and also clears a 20" pathway.

Another model features a 3.5hp 2 cycle Tecumseh engine with a clearing of 20".

Model # 621500x4N- This is a 5.0hp single stage, with a 21" clearing width. (Tecumseh engine)

Model # 621450x4N and NB- Features a 4.5hp 2-cycle Tecumseh engine. 21" clearing width.

Murray Dual Stage Snowthrower

Dual Stage Snowthrowers are made for tougher jobs than the single stage snowblowers. They work best for medium to heavier jobs. These snowblowers are built with slow turning augers that gather the snow inwardly. The snow is then sent to the impeller and thrown out of the chute. They come with a guarantee to be 'fast clearing.'

Murray snowblowers stand out from the others because of 5 top features. The machines have a 190 degree chute rotation which means the snow can be thrown in any direction. They come with a remote chute deflector that can be adjusted as needed. They have an electric- push button starter and the machine is super easy to operate. Murray features a Free Flow discharge chute on their snowthrowers. This is a special rectangular design on the discharge chutes that helps prevent any clogging.

Murray snowthrowers come in two clearing widths, 22" and 24". They also vary in hp, with four models being a 5.0hp and 2 models having a 8.0hp engine. All models will have Tecumseh engines.

Murray Dual Stage Snowblower

Murray Dual stage snowthrower models and specifications

Model #622505x4, and 4A- 22 inch, 5.0hp 4 cycle engine. Features a recoil start and a 17 1/2" intake, 12" wheel propelled Sn0-Hog tires, 6 forward and 2 reverse speeds, with a smooth auger. Two year warranty on most models.

Model # 622504x4 and  4C-24 inch, 5.0hp 4 cycle engine. Features 21" intake height, is wheel propelled with 13" snow tires. It has the 6 forward and 2 reverse speeds with an otched auger and a standard 2 year warranty.

Model # 624808x4- 24 inch, 8.0hp 4 cycle

Murray snowblowers and outdoor equipment products are a good choice. They are durable and reasonably priced, and will give you the service that you need for many years of snow removal jobs.

*You have  many options when it comes to quality snowblowers. They will vary in price as well as the kinds of engines and special features that they carry. Be sure to check out all your options before settling on one brand. Be sure to read articles of valuable facts and information:  John Deere Snowblower guideSnowblower attachment for John Deere snowblowers, or John Deere Snowblower attachment. Thanks for visiting Yard and Garden!

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