Ornamental Fruit Gardens and Espaliers

You may be wondering what an ornamental fruit garden is. This type of garden is made up of various types of ornamental fruit. The fruit trees can be easily trained to form beautiful gardens. Trained fruit trees and bushes that can be bought in a host of interesting and architectural forms, such as espaliers and fans, create interest out of season as the framework of the plants are revealed.

"Ornamental Fruit Garden"

Ornamental Fruit Garden Espalier

Attention to the appearance of the supports is essential as they are also exposed for much of the time. Neatness and uniformity are what you expect to see. Pergolas can look as beautiful clothed in grapevines as they do with any climber. Even a fruit cage can be fashioned to show off ornamentals when you use the right materials.

Espalier is a type of training that can be done with many types of fruit trees. You can learn to espalier the plants yourself is you want to take the time to learn how to do this. This site has several great articles on how to espalier plants and how to build espalier supports for them.

"Decorative Espalier Design"

Decorative Espalier Design

It is important in a fruit garden to allow for lots of light and air, more than perhaps might be necessary for a shrub garden. Wide paths aid such design and can be made of turf where traffic is light. Gravel is the next choice for practicality and economy, and concrete or stone paving stones where the area is small or budget large.

More color and interest is obtained by having companion plants to provide shelter, ground cover, flowers for nectar and pollen for the beneficial insects, and sacrificial plants that give up their fruits that others may not be eaten.

"Espalier Supports are Neat and Uniform"

Espalier supports should be neat and uniform

Vegetables, however, are not easily mixed in. They do not grow well surrounded by vigorous competitors such as fruiting plants. Most of the culinary herbs and culinary apple trees can be grown to an advantage.

Ornamental Edibles can be placed in their own place in the garden. In this way, you will be able to miss in your vegetables and herbs as well. Some vegetables that do well are Swiss chard, lettuce, kale, zucchini, tomatoes and peas.

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