Outdoor Benches-A Great Addition to Your Garden

Outdoor benches are a perfect accent for your yard or garden. It is always nice to have enough seating space when you are entertaining, or just having a few friends over. There is a wide selection of outdoor benches for you to choose from.

Styles of Outdoor Benches

First, let’s look at the different styles of benches that are available. One style  is the backless bench. This is mainly a wooden or aluminum bench with the framework being of cast iron, are some other sturdy material. Some of this style of benches have been made into a storage bench by having the seat portion to open up and allow storage within the bench itself.

Park Benches, I would say, are the most popular of all the outside benches. You can place this bench anywhere in the garden where seating is needed. They do well along paths or next to garden pools. Park benches can be made of only wood, or a wood-metal combination. Wooden park benches are very popular for home benches. If it has a metal frame, it will most likely be cast iron. There are some benches made of concrete as well as aluminum. These types are also very popular. All are very durable and will do well all types of weather conditions.

Wooden Outdoor Bench

The wrought iron bench is a good all-purpose bench. It is metal and should be treated with some type of coating to prolong its life outdoors. They come in black, green and sometimes white. They usually last a long time. They can also be painted very easily if they need a little touching up.

Winter Protection

Some benches, even picnic table benches, are able to withstand the harsh winter weather, especially if it is a concrete bench or a treated aluminum material. If you have a wood bench made of any type of wood, it is best, if possible, to bring in into some type of shelter. It is not absolutely necessary, as most people do not bring them in, me included. You will notice that it is highly likely that some of your wooden boards may start to warp over a long period of time. One thing you can do is to make sure that you put a sealant or protective treatment on the wood to preserve the wood. A good sanding and coat of polyurethane will help preserve your wood and keep it looking its best.

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