Outdoor Gazebos- Which Outdoor Gazebo is Best?

Outdoor gazebos come in many styles, so choosing the best outdoor gazebo to buy may take a little time to research. You have such a vast array of choices available that you will first need to take a look at all of the types of gazebos.  The most important factor is to find one that meets the needs of your family.

Types of Outdoor Gazebos

The types of outdoor gazebos that are commonly found, come in two styles. You will either choose a permanent outdoor gazebo or a portable outdoor gazebo.

"Outdoor Gazebos"

Permanent Outdoor Gazebo

Permanent Outdoor Gazebos

A permanent gazebo is one that is either built into the place in your landscape where you want it, or it is a gazebo that can be portable, but is set up as a permanent structure. For example, you can purchase a canopy gazebo and make a wooden platform so that the gazebo can be placed on top of the platform, then nailed in place. You can also set the corner posts into a concrete mix to stabilize your gazebo when the wind is too strong. This works better than using simply tie downs.

Permanent gazebos are usually made of wood, or heavier materials such as wrought iron, and metal gazebos. They usually have a roof made of various types of materials, other than canvas or a fabric material. They can be classified as: garden gazebos, custom gazebos, wooden gazebos, wedding gazebo, screen gazebo, steel gazebo, or wrought iron gazebo.

"Outdoor Gazebo"

Outdoor Gazebo with Canopy Top

Portable Outdoor Gazebos

Portable styles of gazebos can be taken whereever you want. They are usually easy to put up and take down. This type is a very popular since it is less expensive than the more permanent types. Portables usually have a canopy top that is made of canvas, or a cloth or fabric. They can come in styles that are in bags where you take the gazebo out of the bag, and stretch out the framework. Usually the canvas top is already on the top of the framework, so all you need to do is to make sure that the top stays on the framework while you stretch it out and extend each of the four posts.

These gazebos can be found under such names as: portable gazebos, pop up gazebos, outdoor canopy gazebo, pop up gazebo, canvas gazebos, shade gazebo, aluminum gazebo, and instant gazebo, or cloth gazebo.

Outdoor Gazebos come in Various Shapes, Sizes, and Colors

You will also find as you are looking at the available types of gazebos, that they come in many shapes such as: round gazebo, hexagon gazebo, octagon, square, rectangular and several others will multiple sides.

The size of gazebos will also vary. They come in small sizes, such as a 8 x 8’, and move on up to the standard size of a 10 x 10 gazebo,  10 x 12 gazebo, and a 12 x 12 gazebo. You may find the sizes listed a little differently, such as: a 12gazebo, or a 8gazebo.

Most gazebo canopies will be white, but can also be purchased with a green canopy, blue, almond and maroon. There are some stores online that specialize in providing many other bright colors that are commonly used in trade shows and craft shows. They can have advertisements printed directly onto the fabric.

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