Outdoor Glider Bench- Which One to Buy?

An outdoor glider bench is the perfect piece of outdoor furniture for your yard. Many homeowners are wanting to know what types of outdoor glider benches are available. This article will give you some helpful facts and information to guide you on your selection.

Types of Glider Bench Materials

You will find many types and styles of outdoor benches available. The most popular types of materials are wood, metal, resin, plastic, and poly wood. Regardless of the material that you choose, you will find a quality product that will give you a place to rest and enjoy the outdoors. The prices for all of the following types will vary greatly.

  • Wood outdoor glider bench- You will find woods such as, teak, eucalyptus, and red cedar.
  • Metal outdoor glider benches can be found with steel construction with a durable powder coated finish.
  • Polyethylene plastic seat construction with a powder coated steel frame.
  • Polywood outdoor glider bench featuring maintenance free poly wood.

Most gliders will come with seating for two people, but others can be found smaller for homeowners who have a small space, Or, would like something one person only.

"Outdoor Glider Bench"

Red cedar outdoor glider bench

Where to place an outdoor glider bench?

An outdoor glider bench can be placed anywhere that you have need of a bench. It might be on a front or back porch, or on a deck or patio. Some homeowners place them out in their yard under a nice shade tree. If you work a lot in your yard or garden, you might prefer to place it close to your work area. They can be moved around to a place where you have the greatest need.

You can also add some accessories to your outdoor glider bench. Adding colorful cushions will add to your comfort, as well as give your landscape a boost of color and style.

"Metal Outdoor Glider Bench"

Metal glider bench

Sizes of Outdoor Glider Benches

You will find that this will vary, but most of them are around 48” long ( 4ft.) and around 35-36” high. Some of them will have seat widths that will also vary. Most seats will be around 43” wide, but can be wider if needed. They feature a gliding feature that will allow them to move forward and backward in a very smooth motion.

The benches are usually made to withstand many of the elements. Although wood makes a nice looking bench, it will sometimes not last as long as other types. Most outdoor woods will hold up well to the weather. Some types may tend to splinter and have the finish wear off. This can be easily sanded or refinished when this happens.

"Polywood Outdoor Glider Bench"

Polywood Chippendale Glider

The drawback with metal benches would be that they could rust if they get nicked or scratched. This also can be reconciled by spraying the bench with a rust-resistant spray.

The resin benches, such as polyethylene plastic or Polywood, are good choices because they are able to withstand all the elements, and additional problems such as saltwater and chlorine from pools.

It is a low-maintenance material that will not mildew or rust. It is non-porous and will not fade, and comes in many colors.

Here are some other choices to consider:

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