Outdoor Kitchen Check List

If you are thinking of adding an outdoor kitchen, begin thinking of what you would need in an indoor kitchen. What equipment and conveniences would you like to have? Make sure you have enough work space or counter space. Then,  you will want to decide how you would like the layout of your outdoor kitchen to be designed. Decide which things will be important to include. Outdoor entertaining areas provide spaces for a full range of activities from dining to sunbathing, swimming to sitting by the firepit. Stone can be used in a variety of elevations to draw the eye out as well as up.

Fully Stocked Outdoor Kitchen

Questions to Think About

Outdoor kitchens come with a variety of options and designs to choose from. Here are a few questions to consider to help get you on the right path. Do you want a warming drawer, a barbecue, an oven? A refrigerator is one of the nicest things, to keep drinks on hand. If you can locate the sewer line, you can have running water an even and outdoor dishwasher.

-Be sure to have an area where people can sit and talk to you while you cook. Design the space so you face your company so people can hang out, talk, and get their food when its ready.

-Try to use some of the same materials in your outdoor kitchen as you do inside to create continuity.

-Be sure to provide plenty of shade. Provide at least some areas that are mostly shaded. You can certainly have open area too.

-Think Big, since the more space you have the better. No one has ever complained about having too much space. Divide the space into rooms and create spaces for what you like to do.

-If possible, try not to have the concrete or paving come directly to your home if the area is out a ways from your door. Instead, try to break the area up by adding in some plants or container plants at least. Use the pots for accents as well. Include drainage under pots so dirty water doesn’t get onto the patio.

-Don’t plant anything too tall near the barbecue. Trust me, I have made that mistake. I planted a wisteria bush that I had originally planned to go over my deck, but changed plans. Any tall plant can take over an area very quickly if it is not well contained. If  you are going to include plants near the grill area, try to plant herbs or citrus that you can later use for cooking and garnishing.

-Try to use stones that can be easily found in the area in which you live. You don’t want anything too slippery or that absorbs so much heat you could burn your feet. I like real rather than synthetic stone. Synthetic stone has a tendency to lose its color, but natural stone last forever. Natural stones will also give you a nice look.

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