Outdoor Lights for Houses- What is Available?

Outdoor lights for houses are plentiful, but knowing what type of outdoor lights are available  and deciding which ones to use is a harder question to answer.

"Outside Lights for Houses"

Light up your home with Outside Lights

What's available in outdoor lights for houses?

The consumer has many choices of outdoor lights. There are several categories of outdoor lighting that you should be aware of. They range from low-voltage lights, solar lights, fluorescent lights, and LED lights. In each of these categories you can find many styles, designs, and different types of lights, as well as many different uses for lights in each category.

You can save money by installing energy efficient outdoor lighting. Backyard lighting and landscape lighting are very popular and used for lighting up trees and shrubs so that they are accented in the night time.

Patio and Deck lighting is also good for lighting pathways and walkways. They also serve as a safety feature, and will add a little charm to your backyard landscape.

Solar garden lights have become very popular. The solar lights collect light from the sun and will save you money by not using electricity. They are not as bright as light as other types, but the larger ones will enhance your landscape and light up certain areas of your garden.

Outdoor spot lights can be installed around corners of your home or to up-light larger trees. Using large spot lights will also deter intruders when your landscape is lit up at night. There are also post lights and lamp posts that can be added to the front or back of your home. This type of light is a good general type light that lights up a large area of your yard, with a lesser amount of light than the spot light.

"Outside Lights for Houses and Decks"

Outside lighting provides safety and security

Lighting up driveways, entrance ways and garages are other places you could put lights. Driveways lights are great to have, especially if you have a long driveway, or one that has some unusual curves to it. You might want to install a ceiling fan that also doubles as a light, on your patio or deck area.

Outdoor lighting, such as sconces, can also be purchased to go outside your home, either in front of your home or in your backyard. They look like regular sconces, but will have a protective cover that is not open at the top, as most sconces are. Porch lights can be traditional lighting, or you can install fluorescent types of lights.

"Colored Outdoor Lights for Houses"

Colored Lights Enhance a Swimming Pool

Don't forget to add some lights to your canopy gazebo, pergola, or pool. Lights add pizazz to any outside area and are great for outdoor entertaining and parties.

Use colored lights, or spot lights to accent the water, or place string lights along the frame of your canvas gazebo. Be creative, and you will find many places to put your outdoor lights.

You can even find lights that will not ruin your star gazing nights by producing excesses in upward lighting. This type of lighting ‘Dark sky’ will not overuse light sources and will not direct light upward.

There are many types of garden lights that will enhance your landscape beyond belief. Check out all of your options and have fun lighting up your house.

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