Overview of Planting in Containers

Container plantings have become very popular. There are many reasons why someone would choose a container, or planter over planting in a garden. Gardeners who may not have the room they need to plant a garden, or might like to move their plants around, would most likely choose to plant in containers.

Where do you place your containers? Patios and decks are great entertaining sites, as are gazebos, such as, a canopy gazebo.   A canvas gazebo planter is sure to add a little bit of color to the surrounding area. They can be placed on pedestals, along a railing, or as a hanging basket.

You might even put a container of plants next to a picnic bench table. Containers allow people to add a splash of color or greenery here and there very easily. This is especially true in urban settings,where you may only have a small patio or balcony available to enjoy the great outdoors.

Container plants as accents

Container plants can be enjoyed and planted in urns, troughs, hanging baskets, window boxes, or anything that you decide to plant in. Make sure that your container has a hole in the bottom to allow the water to drain out properly. The main cause of dead plants is that people tend to over water them. Try to keep this in mind when you are watering.

Young plants can provide temporary displays for the gardener to enjoy. Your containers can be moved around to get the maximum amount of sun and rain. You might even try planting seasonal plants for summer and fall in one container. This would allow you to have double the enjoyment of different flowers at different times of the year. You can’t beat that.

You might even decide that you would like to plant a tree or two, or shrubs or just some perennial flowers for the color. The trees and shrubs will need to be protected from the winter, as their roots will freeze much quicker since they are above ground in the container.

Also remember that you will need to allow enough room in the container for the plant to grow and reach maturity. Plants can be moved on to a larger pot when they seem to outgrow their original container. The time will depend on the plant and the size it will reach at maturity.

Be sure to use a good quality soil mix. I would advise you to lay a few rocks over the hole on the inside so that all of your water will not drain away too quickly and make a mess on your patio. Do not cover the hole entirely as to inhibit the flow of the water draining. If you are planting a hanging basket, try to use a lightweight soil mix such as one based on pear, coir, or bark rather than soil.

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