Patio Conversation Sets

Patio conversation sets are the perfect accent for your yard and garden. A patio set can be placed on any empty spaces on a deck, patio, under a canopy gazebo, pool side, or outdoors on a balcony. There are many options for you to choose when trying to decide on garden and patio furniture.

"Patio Conversation Sets"

Patio Conversation Sets

What is a Patio Conversation Set?

You may not have heard the term, “Patio Conversation Set” before so let me clarify that for you. This is basically a patio set that consists of a table and at least two chairs that can be placed towards each other for a good conservation. These sets offer deep seating which is much more comfortable than regular patio sets. The sets will vary with the number of chairs that come with the set. The most popular ones will be either with 2 chairs, 4 chairs, or 5 chairs.

The styles of conversation sets will also vary. You can find gorgeous formal patio sets that are the height of luxury. You can also choose from some of them that are much less formal, and even some that are informal and rustic. Other great patio furniture can be found  in Carl's Patio Furniture and Dot Patio Furniture.

Patio Conversation Set Materials

The materials used for these sets will vary greatly. Some of the popular ones are teak, wicker, metal, such as aluminum and steel sets and wrought iron, rattan and recycled plastic sets. You can even find some sets that will have stackable chairs, and some sets that will have folding chairs for easy storage. Some of the sets will come with cushions that are available in many colors.

"South Sea Rattan"

South Sea Rattan Sets

"Patio Conversation Sets for Canopy Gazebos"

Patio Sets for Canopy Gazebos

*Regardless of which type of material you choose, you should cover them in winter or move them to a covered location if you live in an area that gets snow in the winter. You can purchase patio covers to go over your furniture. These will extend the life of your furniture for many years.

What are some of the Patio conversation sets that are available?

There are many collections available from different manufacturers. Here is a brief overview of a few patio sets.

  • Sanjur all-weather wicker lounge chairs, set of 2, with end table.
  • O.W. Lee Avalon micro mesh set which includes 4 deep seating chairs and table.
  • Chadwick Bay 5 -piece conversation set. The square table has a built in fire pit.
  • Meijer’s ‘Jessica’ 4-piece set with deep seating. It has a steel coffee table with tempered glass, and has light green all-weather cushions.
  • Martha Stewart has a 5-piece conversation set with a fire pit. It has stackable lounge chairs with striped green and brown cushions, with a table that doubles as a fire pit.

"Wicker Patio Sets"

Wicker Patio Sets

Great Quality Brands of Patio Conversation Sets:

Emu, Internation Caravan, Kingsley-Bates, Windham, Jewels of Java, Barlow Tyrie, Deeco,

"Wrought Iron Patio Conversation Sets"

Wrought Iron Patio Sets

Oxford Garden, South Sea Rattan, Hospitality Rattan, and Sundown Southwest, Madaga, and Rolston.

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*You can find great sets at many larger stores, as well as online. More Patio Conversation Sets.

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