Patio Lighting

Find out what patio lighting can do for your landscape. If you have a patio or deck and enjoy getting outdoors, you are sure to benefit from having patio lighting or garden lights installed. Patio lighting and will allow you to entertain outdoors after dark, as well as providing safety for your family, and providing an awesome landscape to admire. This article will help you decide on the type of patio lighting that you need, as well as give you ideas of where it is needed, and some options for you to consider.

Lighting Adds Pizazz!

There are many types of patio lighting and outdoor yard lighting available. The hardest part will be to try choosing the right type of patio lighting for you patio or deck. Lighting can produce special effects and can create a very nice atmosphere for outdoor gatherings.

There are many types of lighting that you can purchase for your home and your home landscape. The type of lighting will depend on what your purpose of lighting will be for a particular area.

"Patio Lighting"

Beautiful Patio Lighting

Patio Lighting for Decks and Patios

You may want to light your deck or patio for several reasons. It is obvious that the light will allow you to get more use of your outdoor area by providing light that will extend the time you can actually use your deck or patio. Lighting can be added to accent a particular area of you deck, or to highlight shrubs or planters that are close by. Lights can be placed neatly out of the way by placing them underneath furniture, or behind planters or other equipment that will conceal them from view.

Patio Lighting for Steps and Pathways

Safety is another great concern when you are outdoors at night. Installing lights along paths, steps, or any type of drop-offs that may need to be highlighted, is a good safety precaution.

"Patio Lighting for Steps"

Patio Lighting for Steps

It is always a good idea to make sure any steps are highlighted with good patio lighting, especially if they are on varying elevations. It is not as crucial if a pathway is on a level plane.

Lighting Your Water Features

A fountain or water feature can be accented by providing patio lighting that is made specifically for providing lights around water. If you are fortunate enough to have fountains, ponds, or a waterfalls, you should take advantage of it and place light in or around the area so that it is illuminated at night. Water features always add so much to a landscape, and even more so at night. The water almost seems magical when the light bounces off the water surface.

"Patio Lighting for Canvas Gazebo"

Add Lights to a Canvas Gazebo

Special Patio Lighting Features

Patio lighting, or any type of outdoor lights, can be placed around your yard or garden to produce special effects. If you have a canvas gazebo, or even a park bench or pergola, you can place some type of outdoor lighting around that will produce dramatic effects. I think you will be pleasantly surprised to see all of the options that are available.

Trees can be accented with an outdoor spot light. This is done by installing the light where it is angled up so that the branches of the tree or lit up.

This can also be done to accent bushes and shrubs. You could also place the lights up into the tree facing downward to create a different effect entirely.

Very Unique Lighting!

You can use patio lighting to place light in front of an object so that it casts a shadow(shadowing), or place the light behind an object to cast a silhouette onto another solid surface. This is known as silhouetting.

Types of Outdoor Patio Lighting

There are many types of outdoor lights that can be placed on your outdoor deck.Outdoor garden lights can be in the form of spot lights, low-voltage lights, and LED garden lights.

You may also choose smaller types of lighting, such as outdoor candle lanterns, and other decorative lighting products to place around your outdoor furniture, or on your tables. The smaller lights give off a totally different type of lighting.

You can also add patio lighting that is unique and different. Or, you may choose to add lights that are whimsical or decorative. Be creative! There is so many styles, and varieties of outdoor accent lighting for you to choose from, so be sure to look at a variety of places so you will have a better idea as to what you might like.

"Solar Powered Garden Lights"

Stylish Solar Lights

Solar powered garden lights have become very popular and offer many neat features for your landscape. There are many different types of solar lights, including solar lanterns, solar stair lighting, solar garden lights, and full size solar carriage lights, and solar post lights, as well as decorative lights that feature animals, flowers, and insects. Just about anything you could imagine.

*TIP- It is a good idea to vary your outdoor patio lighting around your yard, and be sure to place the lighting sparingly around. You don’t want to produce a runway effect, or light up the whole neighborhood with lights.

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