Patio String Lights- How to Find the Best Patio String Lights

Patio string lights add style and charm to outdoor activities. It is important to know which type is the best for your patio or outdoor areas. Find information and facts to help you decide on which type of lights will work best for you.

"Patio String Lights"

Patio String Lights are very festive

Outdoor patio string lights also add charm and a festive mood to any occasion. Patio string lights come in many different styles. Your first consideration should be to decide if you want plain, solid colored lights, something more decorative, or lights of a more whimsical nature. You should also have some idea of the size and length of the lights or string of lights that you need. I would suggest that you measure the length of the area that you plan to cover with lights to make sure that you purchase enough to cover your patio area.

Patio String Light Info

If you are in need of creating an outdoor space that will be festive or themed to a specific outdoor celebration, then patio string lights are definitely the way to go. You can add style to a space, or set the mood for any type of occasion. Using string lights outdoors is extremely easy to work with, both with installing and taking them down. Many homeowners purchase several sets of string lights that are used each year for specific types of parties or family get togethers.

Homeowners of today are able to use lighting products to use when the sun goes down to set the stage for occasions such as, birthday parties, themed celebrations, graduation parties, family reunions, neighborhood parties, and just about anything else that comes up. Some folks just like to party for the sake of partying and socializing with their friends, family, or neighbors.

"Party Lighting"

Add party lighting to your outdoor events

Types of Patio String Lighting

Party lighting comes with decorative and whimsical designs. You may find lanterns, flowers, globe string lights, birds, palm trees, insects, hearts, silly people, stars, snowflakes, fruit, chili pepper lights, and endless odds and ends shapes, colors, and sizes. Some people may just want a little sparkle and pizzaz with clear lights or blinking lights. Lights may also be found to match your patio furniture or the color of some of your other decorations that you are using.

Party string lights can be placed along side a wall, a lamp post, or placed to go around the perimeter of your patio, or go across the top with many strings of lights that produce a lattice effect overhead. Another idea, is to place around a patio umbrella or outdoor benches. You may have a gazebo close by that can also lend itself to being decorated to carry your festivities all over your yard. Simply place party string lights along the railings or along the top of the frame.

"Globe String Lights"

Globe string lights add charm

Most Popular Outdoor Patio String Lights

The most popular lights, by far, are the LED string lights. They are safer and very easy to work with. Their popularity has grown tremendously over the years, due to the fact that they do not get hot. They do plug into an electrical outlet but will not get hot as most electrical lights do, especially when they have been on for a longer period of time.

In summer, you want lights that do not add to the heat index. LED lighting is easy to find both in stores and online. You will find many colors, styles, and materials (usually a resin or light weight plastic). The lighting inside will produce plenty of light that will delight your family and guests, and should last for a long period of time, depending on the amount of use. You can't go wrong with the many choices of outdoor lighting products on the market today.

You may be interested in having solar lights for your outdoor use. This type of lighting does not require any electric source to work. They are solar and work totally by a solar collecting cell within the light that utilized the energy from the sun and stores it into a photo cell that allows it to give off light when the sun goes down.

This type of lighting is convenient to using in other settings where there is no source of electricity. The only drawback would be that the lights may not be as bright as the LED lights and may not stay on for very long. It will only glow according to the size of the photo cell within the lights. The price of the lights may coincide with the size of the photocell so be sure to consider that when purchasing solar string lights.

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