Pergola Designs and Pergola Kits

Pergola designs and pergola kits can be chosen from a wide variety of design styles and materials. Pergolas are very popular accents to any yard and garden area. They can adorn your landscape with a lasting beauty, especially when you have flowering vines and plants all around. A pergola can be used to provide shade for sitting outdoors, or shading your hot tub from the sun. You are sure to find the perfect pergola for your landscape by doing a little research into what is available for building pergolas from a kit, or as a DIY project from scratch.

"Pergola Designs"

Traditional Pergola Design

Before purchasing a pergola kit, or purchasing your materials if you are going to do it yourself, choose your site and take some measurements before you go shopping.

You will need to make sure you have the equipment and tools necessary for your project. Make sure your ground is nice and level before you begin any construction. Pergola kits are available for some quick DIY projects that are easy to construct with just a few simple tools. The materials will vary, as will the price that you pay for them.

Pergola Kits

Pergola kits come in various pergola designs. Some of your options include, styles such as: Victorian pergola kit made with steel coated framework, cedar pergola kit with pieces precision cut and drilled for an easy assembly job, Rio pergola kit which features a curved top and decorative columns, cast iron pergola arch great for garden entrance ways, the Bellagio Pegola kit made of a maintenance free vinyl material, and a Venetian pergola kit also of vinyl in a square 10 x 10’ square.

"Pergola Kit"

Pergola Kit over Hot Tub

"Wooden Pergola Design"

Beautifully Designed Wooden Pergola

Pergola Designs

Pergolas are not an enclosed structure, but gives you the feeling of being somewhat enclosed because of the posts and top covering of your pergola. The design on the pergolas will vary a great deal.

Some pergolas will have walls for privacy on one to two sides, or they might have an open roof design or may have some ventilation options such as using lattice work.

Most pergolas are made of wood or other artificial types of materials, such as vinyl. Wood will always give you a great looking garden structure and it will provide lasting beauty for many years.

Types of Woods Used for Pergola Designs

You will find that there are many beautiful types of wood available for pergolas, gazebos, and arbors.

  • Cedar is a great wood for pergolas. Cedar is naturally resistant to insects and decay because of chemicals that appear naturally in the wood. Cedar can be finished with additional finishes to prolong its beauty.
  • Redwood is also a good wood that is tough and will also withstand the weather, and will also resist shrinking and warping. It also is resistant to insects and decaying.
  • Mahogany is a good wood to use when you can find it. You may have to special order large quantities of mahogany. It is a sturdy wood that contains an oil that keeps it looking great.
  • Teak is an exceptional wood, but a little more pricey. It is grown in Southeast Asia and contains a natural resin oil that keeps it resistant to water, insects and even to bacteria. It has a nice smell to it and is easy to cut.
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