Planting in a Container- Step-By-Step

Planting in containers has become quite popular and is very easy to do. Planting in garden containers is ideal for people living in urban settings, such as apartments or condos with no yard space to put in a garden. Container planting is also popular with homeowners who like to add a container or two to their deck or patio. Plantings in containers also have an advantage of being able to be moved around from place to place. This is advantageous, as to be able to move your planting in or out of the sun to get the best conditions for your plant to grow.

container planting

Container plantings can add color to your landscape

Easy Steps for Planting in a Container

1. Place the tub on a level surface preferably, in the place you will be placing it. You may purchase some small clay feet to place underneath your pot. The clay feet can be purchased at lawn and garden stores and even come in shapes of animals or other decorative designs to add to the look of the container.

2. Cover the drainage holes with pieces of broken pots or small rocks laying them concave or cross-wise over the hole. Add a layer of gravel or chips, then add the soil mix, and break up any clumps that you might  have. Potting soil should not have clumps.

3. Tilt the plant on its side and position it into the pot. Hold the plant secure with one hand and add a few handfuls of dirt against the plant so that the soil is helping secure it in place. Then, when you get the plant to stay upright, add the rest of the potting soil, or dirt to the container.

4. Firm down the mix with your fingertips, but do not pack it down too much. Make sure the soil reaching up to 1 inch below the rim of your container.

5. Water your plant fairly well the first time as it will soak up a lot of water in the new mix. Make sure that the drainage is working the way it should. I would suggest that you water until you see the water coming out, only on the first watering. If you don’t want the water going everywhere, or if you live where water evaporates out quickly, you might want to purchase a saucer to go under the plant.

Other Helpful Hints

-Try to keep the soil watered when it looks dry.

-About 4 weeks after planting, you can start applying a liquid fertilizer specially designed for container plants. They are usually a slow-release types of fertilizer.

-When you have flowers, be sure to take off all the dead ones to encourage new growth and to make your plant look better.

-Try grouping your containers together and place the in a shaded areas during the hot summer months.

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