Plants Suitable for Rock Gardens or Gravel

Rock Gardens or Gravel gardens can be made into a beautiful part of your landscape by choosing the right plants. Rock gardens always seem to worry gardeners, especially if they have a sloping landscape or a landscape that is rocky and dry. You may, however, be wanting to create and incorporate a rock or gravel garden into your existing yard and garden. No matter which situation you may be in, rock gardens landscaping can be easier than you think. Just a little planning will give you a nice rock garden that will be admired by all.

Starting Rock Gardens

Step 1- Getting your rocks arranged in a pattern that you like is the first step to planting in rock and gravel. Be sure to keep your rocks close enough to allow for soil or sand to be placed into the crevices for planting. Also, be sure that the soil will not be washed out easily when it rains. Make sure that the drainage will be sufficient, because rock garden plants do not like any standing water, or too much water.

Tip-Make sure that your rock garden or gravel garden is on a scale that is easy to care for. It is much better to have a smaller sized rock garden that is weed free and healthy, than one that is too large for you to properly care for.

Rock Garden Landscaping

Step 2-Select your plants by choosing varieties that will grow well in the heat and sun as the rocks and soil/sand mixture will heat up much more than will regular soil. Please note that Barberry shrubs need lot of light to be able to produce their colored leaves. I will give you a list of plants that will be well suited for your rock garden, or for planting in gravel as well.

Tip-Your rock garden will be more appealing if you vary the textures of the plants and the colors of the plants flowers that you place in your garden.

What plants will grow in rock and gravel?

  • Name   -          Height    -         Flower Colors
  • Alyssum-      4-10 inches       flowers-white, pink
  • Armeria-      4-10 inches        flowers-pink, white, purple, pink
  • Campanula-6-12 inches        flowers-blue, pink
  • Coreopsis-   4-8 inches          flowers-orange, yellow
  • Dianthus-    6-12 inches        flowers-pink, red, white
  • Gazania-      4-6 inches          flowers-orange, yellow
  • Compact Geranium- 4-8        flowers-rose/pink to pink/purple
  • Gysophilia-  4-8 inches          flowers-pink or white
  • Candytuft-     8-12 inches       flowers-white
  • Creeping Phlox-4-6 inches    flowers-pink, white, and lavender
  • Sedum-varieties 1-15inches   flowers-yellow stonecrop, other pinks, reds and lavender
  • Hens & Chickens-1-6 in.        flowers- yellow, pinks and reds
  • Verbena-3-6 inches                 flowers- white, pink, red,lavender, purple
  • Moss Rose-3 inches                flowers-many different colors
  • Dwarf Zinnias- 4-8 in.           flowers-many color variations
  • Veronica-1-3 inches                flowers-blue

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