Plantskydd- Is This Really the Best Deer Repellent?

Plantskydd is said to be one of the best types of deer repellents, but is it really the best? It comes highly recommended by foresters and consumers as one of the best repellents to ward off large pests, deer in particular, as well as rabbits, and elk. Find facts and information on this product and how and why it works.


Plantskydd repels deer,rabbits, and elk

Plantskydd Facts

Plantskydd is a natural organic deer repellent that does not have an offensive smell. It is effective up to 3 months because it actually dries in about 24 or so hours and will not wash away very quickly after it is completely dried. In winter time it can last up to 6 months. The active ingredient in plantskydd is dried blood meal, and repels by the scent of the product. It is all natural and is safe to use around children and pets.

In what form is Plantskydd available?

It comes in the several forms, granular, liquid, and as a powder. It is environmentally friendly and is widely used by large forest companies throughout the U.S. Plantskydd is also very easy to apply and will get the job done for you. In my opinion with reviews and research, I fully recommend Plantskydd as a great repellent to use to repel deer, rabbits, and elk.


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