Red Robin Shrub- Autumn Colored Red Robin Shrubs

Red Robin Shrub, also known as Photinia x fraseri ‘Red Robin’, provides autumn color in your fall landscape. Red robin is an evergreen shrub that is tipped with new red growth and is the favorite of all photinias and is widely used as hedges. Find facts and information on growing Red Robin shrubs and other Photinia varieties.

"Red Robin Shrub"

Bright fall color of 'Red Robin' Photinia

Southerners know this shrub well because of its shiny, green, leathery leaves that reach 6” long. They have bright red stems which is the new growth on the stems. It has a bushy habit and is a vigoruous growing plant. It makes great evergreen hedges or border shrubs and is sometimes grown as a small tree.

This variety comes from ‘Red Tip’ Photinias (Photinia x fraseri). Photinia x fraseri are crossed with two other photinias (P. glabra and P. Serratifolia). Red robin shrubs are easy to grow, and are sometimes used as ornamental plants.

Growing Red Robin Shrubs

Redtip hedges are a time-honored custom in Southern gardens, to the point of overuse. They are hardy in Zones 6-9 and require full sun to partial shade. Heights often reach 10-15’ x 5-10’ wide. Red tips do well in sandy to clay soils and only require average amounts of moisture to dry soil. The pH requirements are neutral to acid.

"Photinia x fraseri"

Red robin as hedging shrubs

For best results, provide them with good drainage and sufficient air circulation. Plant them facing south and west if at all possible. Cutting back the shrub in summer will produce new red shoots in fall. Redtips tolerate extensive pruning but, like other Rose Family members, it is not without problems.

Pests and Disease include scale, leaf spots, mildew, and fireblight. Leaf spot can actually kill redtips. They can be sprayed weekly with fungicides if you see spots or lesions on either leaf surface. Some of these problems can be avoided by not crowding the plant too closely together, or planting it in cool, humid areas.

*Caution: The abundant pollen can worsen allergies if you are susceptible to pollen attacks.

Other Cultivars:

Photinia x fraseri “Cassini’ (Pink Marble) is a stable, green and white variegation with deep pink new growth. Grows 10’h x 5’ w.



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