Review of Disney Tea Carts for Kids

Little girls love a tea cart and love to pretend that they are princesses. It is no wonder that Disney and others make tea carts that make little girls dreams come true. Role play and pretending are a vital part of growing up. For those interested,I also have an overview of adult tea carts that are available. Here is an overview of a couple of the newest Disney tea carts for young girls.

1. The Princess tea cart which is produced by the Disney company is a 17 piece serving set. It is made of a pink durable plastic and comes with a removable top tray that can be taken off to be cleaned. The tea cart comes with realistic cups and saucers so that they can actually put tea or other liquids such as milk, or apple juice,(something healthy) into the cups. Serving tea cakes or cookies should not be out of the question. The tea cart allows your little ones to play house and interact with other children in group play.

Age suggestions on most of the tea carts are at least 3 years old. The choking hazard factor should always be taken into consideration.

2. Belle’s enchanted tea cart play set is another tea cart produced by Disney. This cart is themed from the movie, “Beauty and the Beast”. The serving set is 12 pieces and is service for 4 lovely princesses to enjoy. It includes a Mrs. Potts tea pot and chip cups and saucers to put your favorite drink in. It comes complete with a sugar bowl, creamer and spoon. It also has a removable tray that is able to be taken off and cleaned.

The tea cart is a floral design in pink and yellow. It has wheels and a handle so that it can be pushed around easily, giving quality service to all princesses in attendance. Don’t be surprised if the adults in your household are treated numerous times, to tea and tea cakes and maybe much more.

Both models of tea carts are easily assembled and made of sturdy, durable plastic. These are great items for little girls to play with and interact with. I hope your little one enjoys whichever one you decide on purchasing as both are great buys. Enjoy your tea!

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